186 William's marriage part 1

In the video, it was Emma's phone call with one of the assassin. It clearly showed hoe she contacted one of assassin and made an arrangement with them to kill Chloe. 

She wanted to do it just before the William and Chloe marriage in civil bureau. 

Which is exactly happening now. 

That means…..that means…

"That attackers I hired… th….they are-" Emma asked. 

"They are executing their plan as usual. And, we are turning it into out favor just like we thought" Biyu told. 

"Do you want to know what our plan is??" Alex asked. 

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Meanwhile, Jasper and Liam leisurely admired their wife's childish yet dangerous shades. 

Jasper couldn't help but feel like to kiss her then and there. Her aura, her acrid words and her dangerously glistening eyes, attracted him like they ever did. 

While,  their hubby's are busy in admiring their wifey's, Alex turned on the TV. 

And gestured Emma to see what's happening. 


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