44 William's family will get to know about Linda...

Meanwhile at Williams side… 

After Linda transferred the seven billion into his account, he kissed her passionately and asked her to rest. 

Which, Linda happily complied. He never asked her to stay and rest in her house. 

He used to say that he needs to see her safe and sound in front of his eyes. His sweet talk use to melt her heart into puddle of love and she use to go to work though she was not feeling well. 

But what she doesn't know is that he wants her to do his work. With her help and her master mind, his company profit skyrocketed and his grandfather started showing favor towards him. 


In Ye mansion….

"William….how's your date with Biyu" his mother asked excitedly. 

She couldn't sleep at all after knowing that his son is now closer to the only heiress of Zhou family. It totally gave her a hope that his son will soon become a permanent President of the company. 

"Lu Mingyu came and they abruptly left" it is his sister Ye Mei who said as she nonchalantly continued eating her breakfast. 

"Lu Mingyu??" her father asked all surprised. 

"Hmm…yes. They left together" she again replied without even glancing at them. 

Her attitude really make her brother so frustrated. 

"And how come you know that. Why are you still out late at night that too in a hotel?" he scoffed. 

"I have my own law firm brother. I have to meet my clients and I was there" Ye Mei said. 

"But Mingyu isn't her boyfriend dad. He is like her brother….so you don't have to worry. The yearly meeting is after four months and by then I will marry Biyu and stabilize my president position. With the support of Zhou family I will not be kicked out" he said. 

"Yeah….yeah" Ye Mei rolled her eyes. She hates it when her family do all this stuff just for power and wealth. 

That is the reason she lives separate from them. If it wasn't for her grandparents, she would never come here on the first place. 

However, now she came for another reason… 

"Mei….be quiet. We are talking something serious here" her mother scolded her. 

"Yeah…. we are talking about something you don't know Ms. Attorney" her brother William Ye smirked. 

Mei rolled her eyes and sat quietly enjoying her food. She already did what she has to do. 

"So, your date with Biyu got disrupted" his mother is about you enquire but all their mobiles buzzed. 

It is everything related to Linda and William's affair. 

Even the proof of their engagement is there….

As his parents saw it their ears flared and their faces turned red with anger. His father's arms started trembling and he throwed his mobile directly on to his son's face. 

"CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS??" his father shouted looking at his son. 

Meanwhile Willian frowned and his brows furrowed with confusion…. why his father started raising up at him all in sudden. 

Sighing with exasperation he bent down and took the mobile that was thrown on the floor. And sooner when he saw the information and photos tagged with it, his whole body tensed up. 

He badly wanted to keep his relationship as a secret...mainly from is parents. However, to his bad luck they found it.

But…. the main problem arises when his grandfather will find out. He will ask him to marry Linda because he is already engaged to her. And that will totally disrupt his plan to marry Zhou Biyu. 

And he never even thought that Linda will have a legal evidence that they both got engaged!!

"Tell us what is the meaning of this. Here we are…..wrecking our brains to how to stabilize your position as president of the company and what were you doing? Toying around with some cheap women!!" his mother shouted on him. 

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"Leave about playing around…..that is of totally different case and we understand that it is too common because of your age. But why the fucking hell did you got engaged with that woman?? Are you in love with her or you are just playing with her?" his father asked. 

William sighed and pinched the gap between his eyebrows. He is totally in the verge of getting what he wanted from Linda….and his next plan of course included dumping her. 

Talking about love…. well, he never believes in such type of things. For him love means sex...just a physical attraction. So, of course he is not in serious relationship with Linda. At first, he decided to dump her as soon as his physical need for her will subside but after looking at how efficient she is in handling business he couldn't help but feel like she will be very good use for him. 

And this is how it got extended to the engagement….

He sighed and looked at his parents who are looking at him intently. 

As he is left with no option all he could do is to explain them everything what have happened.


Ye Mei (William's sister) …. she couldn't help but look at her brother with disgust written all over her face. She never thought he will be such an impotent, shameless bastard. All she could do is pity Linda who became a scapegoat. 

"William, we are giving you a week time. Get rid of that girl from your life and come clean with no any relationship backgrounds. If this will be leaked to other side of the family, they will use this as a weapon to kick you out of your position. Did you get what I said??" his mother sternly asked. 

William couldn't do anything but nod his head. He doesn't want to leave Linda...…she is useful to him in various ways and moreover he didn't understand why he always feel reluctant to let go her. 

He needs her both physically, mentally and financially…..

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