192 William's end.

"You bitch, who are you exactly?? HOW DARE YOU CHEATED ON ME… YOU SLUT" William roared as he grabbed her neck. 

Instead of seeing fear, he saw anger in her eyes. 

Mockery to be precise as she laughed heartily….

"Cheat? Yes, I did cheat you, William. But, weren't you a cheater??" 

"Didn't you cheat many innocent women with your sweet yet disgusting mouth? Didn't you destroy their life's after you were done with them?" Chloe barked out, as she grabbed his hand which is holding her neck too tight. 

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She increased the pressure on his hands, making him strangle her more. 

As soon as William heard her words, he widened his eyes in shock and his hold on her neck loosened. 

He looked at her dumbfounded and surprised. 

Taking this as chance Chloe stepped aside, free from his touch. 

"How many mistresses do you have, William? Ten? Twenty? Or, did you forget the count?" Chloe mocked. 

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