142 William's end is near!!

"But, Eve, how did she and William end up in hospital" she asked. Now, even more interested. 

"As for William, I made him stumble backwards and hit the pillar. Due to this, his backbone plates got moved and doctors recommend him to take bedrest. Well, all of this is my plan" Biyu laughed. 

"He deserves it" she added. 

"As for my imposter her name is Chloe Martin. As for what brother Feng told to media, his adopted sister just returned back from abroad and he was in banquet to meet her. He even told that she will be going back after the banquet" Biyu reminded Alex. 

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"And, he isn't lying either. You just came back from country X and you went back to country X as soon as the banquet got finished. He said the truth. But how is this connected to your imposter and hospital?" Alex asked

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