59 Why did you do it!!!

"Don't you want to investigate Evelyn's death by yourself? Something is suspicious but I can tell that…whoever did this are not simple people" Liam said. 

As soon as Jasper heard this, his eyes darkened with anger and he clenched his fists.

"Not simple ?" Jasper asked again. For which Liam nodded his head. 

"Do you think that it can be someone from our enemies…..council enemies?" Jasper asked. 

His voice is dangerously cold and chilly that Liam started to shiver. 

The devil woke up….

Someone is going to pay for what happened….

After all Evelyn (Biyu) is not a simple one. She is the daughter of Walkers family who are powerful inside the council and more importantly she is the one Jasper in love with…

How can he let go of them easily… 

He will make everyone of them pay… 

Silence etched in the room for few minutes as Jasper is busy in his own thoughts. 

He started thinking about the day, his Eve (Biyu) died. He...getting a call suddenly, leaving the country ….all these are actually suspicious. 

Moreover, it is just a false alarm and no leak has happened from council's database. 

Was this false alarm created intentionally?? 

"We are going to China too. To city H… so, continue our process of setting up the branch of our company there and send the invitations to everyone who are closely related to Evelyn" Jasper said. 

While Linda and Alex will be busy in their own fashion line, Liam and Jasper will be busy in their company. 

However, it is just a camouflage. In reality, both will be busy in investigating Biyu's death while girls will be busy in destroying William. 

But, how will they react once they find out that everything is connected here?? 


After few days…

"Sir, Jasper is leaving his territory and coming to city H again." one of the subordinate reported to Austin. 

Austin who has gone through utter humiliation once again went back to the base to face his punishment. 

The intense training for two months made him feel so inferior. His boss made him to compete with fresher's!! 

What can be more humiliating than this?? 

"Is that so? Good!" Austin snickered. 

"Inform the boss and tell him that I will handle it" he added. 

This time he should not fail… 

He must not… 

"Sir, I got this information from the boss's subordinate itself." His assistant stuttered a little. 

"And?" Austin asked in dangerous voice. 

"He…..he told you… no…..not to interfere"

Austin who heard this slammed his fist on the table and stood up. 

"We will see..." he muttered and went off. 

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He will not let go of this opportunity to prove himself. 


Meanwhile at William's side… 

(Some days after the murder  incident).

It's been twenty days, since he was attacked. 

William just got discharged from the hospital. But this is  the first time he is going back to his family home. 

His parents denied to talk to him about the incident till he returns and recuperate. 

"You guys promised me that you will not hurt Linda!! Still…..how could you do this" he hissed as soon as he entered the main dining room. 

"I promised you that I will let go of her and come clean. You didn't believe me right??" he asked as he slammed both of his fists on the table. 

"William… we believe you and we didn't do anything to Linda. If we are really the one who did this, why will we harm our own son by brutally hitting his head" his father hissed. 

"And, do you think we will kill someone? We are already afraid of what will happen to our reputation if you are kicked out of CEO's position…so, do you think we will add fuel to the fire" his mother asked. 

"So, you are telling me that you are not the one who harmed Linda" William asked. 

"Dear brother, LINDA IS DEAD. Our parents didn't tell you that because of your brain injury" his sister Ye Mei said. 

Like always, she is cool and we'll collected. But fatigue in her eyes didn't go unnoticed by anyone. 

Surely, even she is having hard time…

"WHAT?!!" William asked totally shocked. 

When he asked his parents what happened to Linda, they said that she was taken care of. 

But they didn't tell him that she is dead!! 

"After you are hit on your head and thrown into trunk, she was thrown into water. Her corpse is found after  three days" his sister said. 

"What happened to her body then?" he asked….his tone blank and emotionless. 

But only he knew the turmoil he is facing inside. 

"Body unidentified. Taken to the mass cremation center" his sister answered as she coolly shrugged. 

"What?" he asked again. 

Not that he love her but the days they spent made him to care for her…..not much but at least enough to feel sad for what happened. 

She is not a simple woman after all. She is the biggest celebrity in China. 

"Yes. Ask our parents. It happened because they used their influence in deeming her as a orphan who accidentally fell in water after taking drugs" Ye Mei said again. 

Her voice didn't even have a slightest respect for her parents nor her brother. 

They are the one she disgust the most. 

"Why did you do this?" William turned to his father and asked dangerously. 

She deserve a proper funeral at least 

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