63 Who is that man at her grave....

"Did you do an investigation about his first love?" Austin asked. 

"Yes sir. But we couldn't find anything about her. We don't even know her name nor how she looks. But we just found out that she left him few years back" his subordinate said. 

"Even I know that DAMMIT!! I want her name, her history and her current career. All of you are so impotent" Austin shouted. 

"Sir, whenever we tried to find some or other thing about her…..our computer got attacked with virus and it stopped us from finding more. We are helpless" his subordinate said. 

Austin sighed. 

Biyu once told him that Jasper has a girl whom he loved so much. But that slut didn't tell him the name…..she said that she will directly give the information once they meet. 

But the tab in which she gave the information was destroyed by her. Now, he don't know anything. 

"Sir, actually we really tried a lot but someone is protecting her from behind the screens. So, we couldn't actually extract any information about her. It is not council because it is not their style of doing things. It is someone else " 

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Of course, everyone connected to Jasper are no simple and ordinary. 

"Hmm…..try to find soon. But I am thinking how Jasper will react once he find out that Biyu is the one who betrayed him. Didn't he promise her that he will destroy everyone who were the reason for her death." 

"She is the reason for her death, isn't she? So, will he kill her?" Austin laughed again. 

Catherine who just entered, joined him as she laughed. "How will he kill her? Dig the dead body out and kill it again!! Funny" she couldn't help but laugh. 

"Enough Cat. What did you do with the work I assigned to you? Completed this soon??" Austin asked all frustrated. 

"Uhmm… Austin, it's almost done but I still have to confirm it" Catherine mumbled. 

She is a model for god's sake. She has to keep up her image in public and moreover she just got an intel that Liam Wayne, the most famous Hollywood actor arrived at City H. 

She has many things to do to approach him. She is very desperate to seduce him and get a chance in Hollywood. So, she could leave this shitty Austin and get a bigger thigh to hold on. 

With a lot of effort she at last got an entry ticket for the mind blowing launch of ADORN. 

It is rumored that Liam is the opening model!! 


After staying for a little more in the graveyard, Jasper left for the company. It haven't started officially yet. 

The preparations are still going on. Within this month, Braxton corporations will start it's official branch in China. 

As Liam and Alex are out for a date, Jasper didn't bother to disturb them. If his Eve is alive even they would have gone out like this… 

As soon as he remembered Liam words, Jasper's eyes turned red again. 

He swiftly fished out his mobile and dialed a number. 

"I want you to come to China at this instant. Pick up the best people from the organization and form two groups. I want all of them here by tomorrow without any suspicions" Jasper ordered as soon as the call is connected. 

"Sir, some of them are doctors and some other are employees in the company itself. I will allot them to China based on the work, but we can continue the undercover operations as you wish" the person from the other line spoke. 

"You already have people chosen?" Jasper asked all surprised. 

"Yes sir. Madam Jean ordered us herself before to form two teams and keep them ready. We will deploy them at this instant itself" he said. 

"Hmm....good. But remember that no one should know about this" Jasper said and disconnected the call. 

He should really thank his sister for her foresight. He really miss her and his family…

From the past two months, she has been taking care of him despite of the tensions in her life. 

Texting her a thank you message, he indulged back in his work. 


Meanwhile at Biyu side….

Biyu who just visited her own grave is left speechless by the man. She want to see who he is, but she is afraid that things will happen in other manner. 

She is in the body of other woman so no one knows who she really is…

Smiling sadly, she first decided to visit her brother in his office. If she is in her body, Zhou Biyu….she would have directly went to his office. 

But now, she needs an appointment before approaching him. And having that appointment is far tough and it would take months. 

She can ask Jasper's help in this but from past few days she realized how disturbed he is..  

She didn't have the heart to disturb him…

But she knew the only secret pass way to enter the highest floor. Her grandfather have only told her about that. 

As she is too desperate to see him, she didn't had any choice but to use it. 

As soon as she reached the top floor, she could see what is happening in the office room through the opaque glass. She could see what is happening inside but others can't see her. 

And, as expected….her cousin brother Feng hanged a huge picture of her in his room. 

It is too evident that he is missing her and so did she. 

She just want to run to him and embrace him….but she can't do that either. 

And in the same time another girl entered the room through main door. 

She directly went and sat beside Feng, before serving him his breakfast….which he of course missed. 

Biyu use to do this mostly for his cousin. But now another girl replaced him. 

But she isn't sad about it either. She is actually happy that someone is there to look after her workaholic brother. 

And, when that girl turned around, Biyu couldn't help but freeze. 

That girl is Ye Mei….sister of William Ye, the ex fiancee of Linda Jones. 

Whose body in which she is reincarnated. 

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