146 Who is 'that' woman??

Meanwhile, Jasper is stunned to his core. Out of all the scenes to act on, why did the director chose this topic!! 

Did someone had done this intentionally??

Were they trying to warn or hint something? 

Of course, it is suspicious!! 

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This incident is so, so similar to his and Eve's bad past that he felt little fishy. He don't want her to remember it again and in addition to this he thought that she forgave herself….but looks like she didn't. 

The way she just let out all her grief and guilt in the name of acting, he is sure that this was something it is still bothering her. 

She's still had not yet moved on from the betrayal she had done. What should he do so that he can make her forgive herself? 

Soon, the act came to an end when the director applauded with the teary eyes. He is more than impressed. 

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