42 Who exactly is Linda!!!

"Shouldn't you be visiting your parents house now? How come you are here…did you eat your dinner" Linda asked very carefully not to even show how hesitatant she is. 

William looked at her and smiled, the same charming smile that made her feel butterflies in her stomach. 

"Actually, I went baby. But my parents again arranged a blind date and I got forced to take her to dinner. However, she confessed that she already has a boyfriend so we just talked like a normal friend. She is also one of my childhood friends so we just reminisced that old days" William easily lied. 

He himself forced Biyu for the dinner and all he did is to try to flirt with her and charm her. 

That is the reason he was smiling back then. However, he is too cunning and well experienced in manipulating the situation. 

As there are chances that Linda might have seen them…. he of course can't give her some bullshit reasons and make her more suspicious. 

However, he can manipulate it. She might have seen him laughing and smiling…. but she doesn't know the reason why he was doing that back then. 

So, Linda easily believed him and even felt guilty for suspecting her fiancee.

"Don't worry Baby. You are the only one filled in my heart. I will never accept any other girl….and as soon as we complete this huge project my parents might find you impressive and potential match for me. So, please finish the project soon" William sweet talked as he showered her face with kisses. 

However, his thoughts said otherwise. He wanted her to finish this project soon so he can dump her and make her his mistress. Later he wants to marry someone from good family background. 

Whereas Linda is now in cloud nine listening to his confession. She hugged him tightly and started reciprocating his kisses. 

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After few minutes…. William stopped his kisses…. he panted heavily as he sighed. 

Sensing his gloomy expression Linda couldn't help but panic. "What happened?" she asked as she caressed his face. 

Burying his face in crook of her neck he smirked inside but outwardly sighed. 

"There is a problem. The funds we have to use for for the project are actually less that what we estimated. Now…. we have already invested the rest of the budget of this year in other projects."

"If I have to allot extra funds, I need the permission of all the directors and board members. But you already know about the family rift that is going on in my family...everyone is waiting for me to do any single mistake so they can kick me out of the president position." He sighed. 

"I don't know what I have to do baby. My bank accounts are being closely monitored by my grandfather and if he notices the huge withdrawal I will be doomed" William said. 

Of course, it is partially true. The funds are actually allotted fairly…. but he used all that money in investing for illegal businesses. He is so sure that Linda will offer him her money …. after all she was one of the most famous and wealthiest models back then. 

However, the family rift, the competition for president position and being closely monitored by his grandfather…. these things are very true. 

It is the reason he is in hurry to marry Biyu. With her maternal family Zhou's support and her paternal family's wealth no one can dare to go against him and take president position. 

Meanwhile Linda is so worried and started feeling pity for her fiancee. What belongs to her will belong to him and his every hardship is like a needle piercing into her heart. 

"How much funds are still needed for that project to finish?" Linda asked softly. 

"Some 14 billion. It is really a huge amount baby. If it is some three or five billion, I would have managed somehow" William sighed. 

Linda caressed his furrowed eyebrows and kissed his forehead. "I will transfer you some five billion tomorrow and rest of it I will ask my assistant to sell some of my properties and arrange it by next week" she said. 

William smirked but kissed her forehead tenderly. "You don't have to" he huskily whispered. 

But he knew that she will never take her word back. 

"We will marry soon. What is there to differ from yours and mine" she kissed him back. 

His first task is done. 

He will be looting out everything from her. 

She will be penniless now and have to rely on him. 

As he will leak some scandal about her, she can even go back to her modeling career. 

Without any other option left for her she has to rely on him and must become his mistress. 

But what he doesn't know is that this fourteen billion are nothing but a piece of trash for her to throw on his face. It is nothing compared to the wealth she inherited from her family.

However, that money which she is giving him now is something she earned with her own hard work. She never intended to use her family's wealth on the first place. 

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