215 Who actually is Martin??

She wants to see her sister.

"Uncle, can me and Linda go inside and look at Cara once. Linda have heard of Cara from all of us but she have not met her" Jasper spoke to uncle Jack casually.

His tone is like as usual. Normal and aloof.

"Of course you can go inside Jasper.  I wish my Cara would have met your wife in good condition" uncle Zack told.

"I am sorry for your plight, Mr. Walker. I hope your niece will get well soon" Biyu said.

It took her a hell of courage not to choke on her words and act indifferent. 

How much ever she is prepared, Cara is still her sister and it make her feel depressed to look at her like this.

But, thanks to Jasper that he never left her side and have her the energy to face this.

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After the brief conversation with Walker family, Jasper and Biyu walked inside Cara's hospital room.

When Brina saw her sister, she couldn't hold her grief anymore.

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