143 What have you done to me, Eve??

Biyu who saw Liam helpless chuckled and wriggled out of Jasper's embrace. 

She went and whispered something in his ears and his eyes twinkled. "All right ma'am. I will do it" he bowed his head in funny manner. 

Then they hugged a little and four of them settled down. Alex sat far away from Liam as she is angry on him while Biyu comfortably sat on Jasper's lap with her head tucked under his chin. 

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"Those girls outside, they are ogling at us as if we are their appetizers. God!! I felt scared you know baby" Liam told to Alex in order to make her talk to him. 

Alex scoffed and looked at him with her eyes narrowed and her eyebrow raised. 

"They are looking cute" Biyu giggled and told Jasper but later realized that he is actually looking at her but not anyone else. 

Biyu raised her eyebrow questioning him 'what's up, why are you looking at me like this'

Jasper smiled lovingly and hugged her before resting his head on her shoulder.

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