83 What exactly were you thinking back then?

She hissed and her scarf which is hugging tight to her face loosened as it slipped down. And this made her enemy notices the gorgeous face of Linda. 

And as soon as he did, his eyes widened into pure shock….he is about to mutter something but Biyu who is agitated shot him directly in the middle of his forehead. 

Meanwhile, Jasper is in pure shock too. And because of this, he didn't notice the shocking look of the dead man. 

Linda took a bullet for him!!

She actually saved him from getting seriously injured. And, in order to do it…..she has taken a shot even without the slightest hesitancy. 

He had managed to come out of his daze only when he heard a gunshot again. Linda shot the person who tried to kill him. He couldn't help but notice her eyes which were  cold and dangerous. 

She is emitting the chilling aura which is very familiar to that of if his Biyu's. 

Two persons can't share same type of Aura right?? But why does he feel that they were?

Meanwhile, Biyu stumbled a little because of the lack of balance….and, Jasper involuntarily held her by the waist so that she will not fall down. 

"You shouldn't have done this!" Jasper whispered in guilt. 

Biyu hissed as she heard him. "If I wouldn't have taken it, you would have been heavily injured, Jasper" 

"Even you are injured, Linda" Jasper deadpanned. 

"It is just a shoulder injury! Nothing is going to happen…so, stop acting formally now. I am still a friend right" she asked annoyingly. "Friends help each other" she said as she looked into his unfathomable eyes. 

Seriously she can't take it anymore. She couldn't comprehend whether to feel sad or happy. 

He is loyal to Biyu whom he loves. But at the same time, he is totally ignoring Linda. 

"Yes, you are still my friend and that was the reason I am worried." He said and his eyes gazed at her shoulder. 

"Let's go to the hospital first. You must be in pain….I am sorry" Jasper pursed his lips and led her to the door. 

At that exact time, his team entered the house in pure fear. Hell!! They didn't expect that the enemies would make a open attack. 

Whoever it was….they are very brave to target Jasper in his own territory. But at the same time….it made them realize that the enemies are no ordinary. 

"See if anyone is still alive. Take them to the base and question them. I think they know the location of Liam if he is captured by the white shadows." Jasper ordered in his cold and stern voice, sending chills across all of their spines. 

Later, he helped Biyu to get into the car and he drove off with other three cars in his tow.


"This injury isn't any serious. It just grazed on her shoulder. As her jacket also acts like bullet proof….it didn't affect her much." Jasper's sister, Jean told. 

She just helped Biyu with bandaging and came out, just to see her little brother in very foul mood.

He never likes when others sacrifice things for him… 

"Why just she do it? I would have dodged it myself right!" Jasper sighed as he shook his head.  

Jean sighed too.  Her brother sometimes posses very less EQ. It is very evident that Linda likes him and cares for him.  

Though Jean doesn't know that it is not Linda but Biyu…..she could see the love in her eyes.  

And as a sister….all she wanted is to get her brother's broken heart healed… 

"Jasper,  she did it because she cares for you and concerns about you. Don't see everything in one minded manner. Every feeling and emotion have different perspective to follow. You just have to understand them" Jean said and patted his shoulder before going away.  

She still have many things to finish before going back to her husband and three children.  

Jasper sighed back. He didn't understand his sister's twisted words but he knew one thing. 

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He owe this girl who saved him today.  She truly shocked him and he couldn't help but reminisce the words he said to Biyu once before.  

If you love someone… .you will be willing to sacrifice anything to make things right.  

So….Is Linda still in love with him.  And if that was the case a year back,  he would have been very happy. But now,  he knew he can't go back to Linda.  

His heart is now holding up just for Biyu. There is no place left for any other women.  

Heaving a haggard sigh,  Jasper entered Linda's room…..where she is taking rest.  

After keeping her under observation for whole night the hospital decided to discharge her.  

"How are you feeling now? Sister told me that injuries are not that grave and you can go back tomorrow morning" Jasper said as he sat on the chair across her.  

Due to blood loss and her fragile body….she is now taking IV drip. 

"Sister Jean told me. Hey! You should stop feeling guilty for what happened now. I don't regret it you know" Biyu told playfully.  

The softness in his voice and that gentle look made her remember her the days when they use to hang out with each other after work.  

Those memories flooded back into her mind and she could tell that those were the happiest moments she ever got.  

Seeing the small smile blooming in her face,  Jasper's heart softened.  She couldn't help make him remember Biyu very much.  

Why does this words feel familiar. That playfulness….it is something he could never forget.  

"But why did you do it hmm? You didn't even think of anything before taking that shot for me. What exactly were you thinking back then" Jasper asked as he directly looked into her eyes. 

Which are now watering…..

Then the answer she gave, totally stupefied him. 

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