57 We don't bail on our friends

"How are you feeling now?" Jasper asked as he saw her climbing down the stairs. 

His sister has already gone back to her country….to her family, while his brother and sister in law are now 

Linda (Biyu) smiled. "I am fine….thanks for asking" 

Then she sat down across him at the dining table for breakfast. She is totally comfortable with him because she have good impression on him based on Linda's memories. 

Moreover, whenever she see him, something deep and intense trigger her heart. 

"Linda, I wanted to ask you about something but only if you are comfortable in sharing it" Jasper said. He want to know what have happened that day when she got attacked. 

Someone can't probably fall off the cliff into the water just accidentally right!! 

Moreover, they even got an information that William is slightly injured too. 

Linda (Biyu) looked at him. She is okay to answer him but she is more worried because he might ask her something related to missing parts of Linda memory.

However, she just nodded her head, looking at him. 

Jasper sighed and looked at her before taking a deep breath. "It's about William all right. I wanted to know what happened that day when you guys went to that cliff. He is the main suspect here" 

Meanwhile, Biyu couldn't help but heave a sigh in relief. Thank god that he didn't ask her why she left him. 

"I don't remember exactly Jasper. We were standing there and he started confessing to me how he just used me, how he just acted that he love me and all those stuff. I started sobbing and he told me sorry all in sudden but exactly at the same time I felt that someone hitting me from behind."

"That's it….after that everything is blank and I only regained my consciousness when I hit the water in the river. Later I fainted and I opened my eyes after two months" Linda (Biyu) said. 

She didn't cry nor she felt sad while is telling….all she could feel is the boiling blood in her veins and pity for Linda. 

Poor girl….

She sacrificed everything for him!! 

Meanwhile, Jasper looked at her with pity. He want to help her in revenge. Yes, he was very angry on her for leaving him and breaking his heart. 

He was very, very angry. But he also understood that he should let go of the past. He can't reverse it right!! 

Moreover, there should be a strong reason why she left.  Even he realized that something is very mysterious about Linda. He never met her whole family anytime….not even once. 

Including this, his people are too capable but even they had miserably failed in tracking her and finding about her whereabouts. They took years and years just in vain. 

A mysterious person g mailed him about her existence. And it was only when he found out about her. 

These things are enough to understand that someone more capable and strong or looking after her or much worse, they might be against her too. 

But for now, he can help her to disguise herself and change her identity. After she recuperate and can look after herself, he will leave it to her choice. 

If she wants his help, he will help her…if not, then it's her choice. 

He is just helping her all because of the bond they shared. He is looking out for her because she is vulnerable now…just like how he was vulnerable in this childhood and how she helped him as a good friend. 

"Do you think that it can be William who did this to you? If you want, I can help you with it" he asked again, seeing her passive response. 

Biyu looked at down, contemplating what to do. 

For now, she is basically clueless and powerless. Though she want to take revenge, she need someone to help her. 

But before that, she want to meet her family too…..

And, to do all these….she should get well soon and in the same time, she should think what she have to do. 

"I want to get well first. Later I will think about it….but Jasper, I can't stay here without doing anything. I need some work to do" Linda (Biyu) said. 

"You have been helping me a lot Jasper. Thanks for that…but I am actually planning to…" she is about to continue but Jasper interrupted her in middle. 

"I know what would help you in it. Before you disappeared, do you remember the fashion line you started" Jasper asked. 

He want to ask her...question her why she disappeared but he want past to be past. If she want to tell, she will tell it herself. 

For now he don't want to pressurize her on anything. Doctors strongly warned not to do so. 

"That fashion line, is still being managed. It was not stopped but the name was changed. However, you are still the owner of it" Jasper said. 

When they were in their uni, they are four friends. 

Linda, Jasper, Liam and Alexandra (Alex). 

She and Alex started it, but after she disappeared….Alex started taking care of it. 

"Ohh…..I thought it was stopped" Biyu said as she remembered the time when Linda started that fashion line. 

No wonder, Linda became a top most model in no time after coming to China. 

"If you want you can go back there and work. Alex and Liam want to meet you when you are free." Jasper said. 

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Biyu couldn't help but agree. If she want to approach her family without any problem, this is the best choice she can hit. 

"Jasper, what if I wanted to expand my fashion line to China too. Mainly to city H" she asked. 

As Linda is from same place, Of course Jasper would think that she is merely going there for revenge. 

Jasper who just stood up after his breakfast looked at her. "It's your fashion line Linda. You can do whatever you wish to do. Just know that Liam, Alex and me will be there to help you. We never bail on friends", 'like you did' he wanted to tell, but he didn't voice it out the last three words. 

He is a little angry as he remembered the past. Though he want to let go of it, he sometimes lost control too. 

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