170 We can marry you know

From many years, council has been looking for the heir of white shadows organization. As this organization belongs to a family solely, terminating that family has always been the best choice to take down white shadows. 

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But now, it turns out to be 'Biyu' for whom the council has been searching for. 

"You understand what that means right??" Scott asked. 

"I do!! It only means that I can't rely on Council to protect Biyu. Not especially after other people find out that 'Linda' is the heiress of the enemies. Though she is powerless right now, she still has huge advantage being the only blood related daughter of Udinov family. So, other people in council's board would not approve helping me to protect her" Jasper told. 

This is one of the reason why he is so worried. 

As it is Biyu in Linda's body, people would only think that she is 'Linda' and their target might shift to her. 

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