89 Video part 1

"You sure about this? Biyu" Mingyu asked. 

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"Hundred percent. Because, before I accepted Brother Feng's opinion to meet Blake and take the therapy with him, I googled about him and did my own background check him. He is indeed working on thesis regarding to this reincarnation and previous births. He even published many articles however they were exclusively available only for people who are researching on this field." Biyu said as she smirked. 

"So, I decided to take sessions. However, after finding out about me and my past with Jasper I decided to leave some hints for Blake to figure it out. As he is Jasper's friend….I thought of taking the chance and letting Jasper get a little heads up what reincarnation is" Biyu said as she smiled. 

Did they think that she doesn't know about Jasper's people following her! She is not a fool. She deliberately went blind eye so that Jasper will get to know…

Meanwhile, everyone in the room are dumbfounded by her revelation. She is still that badass and brainy sister of them. 

She didn't even change a little bit…

"So, I hope Jasper will put this pieces together and find out everything. Most importantly I want him to forgive me first…." Biyu pursed her lips. 

She worked very hard to achieve it. As soon as she got certain about her feelings for Jasper, she couldn't bear to loose him. Even the thought of it twisted her heart. 

She wanted him back, but in the current situation she is in...it is almost impossible. 

She would have continued as Linda, hide about her reincarnation, but she want him to love her like herself. She want him to love her as Biyu… his Evelyn. Not as Linda. 

So, after giving a careful thought she came up with this plan. With the proper explanation and solid proofs….there is nothing that cannot be explained and proved as true. 

If one can prove that aliens exist, why can't she prove that reincarnation is possible. 

And as she expected, Jasper started giving a serious thought about it. After seeing the photos in her house and her going out with Feng….he couldn't help but give a thought to what Blake said. 

As Biyu continued thinking to herself, others are totally astonished by her way of handling this complicated manner. 

After she reincarnated she became even more genius. 

"So, you want Jasper to accept you?" Feng asked. 

Her intention is too obvious to deny. 

Meanwhile Biyu smiled and walked to the chair where her brother is sitting. She leaned down a little so that their faces are in same level. 

"Why can't I? I am still the same selfish Biyu….." she smirked. "How can I bear to leave the person whom I loved with my life. In my previous life…I couldn't cherish the love. How can I miss my second…" she said as her eyes brimmed with affection for Jasper. 

"I made him see Biyu in me….I gave him many hints brother. I do wish everything will happen as per what I wished" Biyu's eyes brimmed with tears as she buried her face in her brother's chest. 

"All right… all right. Everything is going to be fine. Let's see what will happen now" Feng consoled her. 

But Biyu is in no situation to listen anyone. She just continued expressing her intense tho guys.  

"But I only want him to accept me as myself. I want him to forgive me and accept me with the same pure love he had once. And for that I am willing to wait, even if it costs my lifetime" Biyu honestly confessed. 

Everyone in the room were momentarily shocked but gradually nodded their heads in approval. They couldn't deny that she is right. 

However, there is a huge barrier standing between her and Jasper.

 Trust, betrayal and belief….

If their love is strong enough… they will surely overcome all the obstacles and soon be together. 

"Let's go brother. This night is indeed going to be long. I hope my starts are aligned together" Biyu said, already walking to the threshold of the house. 



Jasper and Liam succeeded in opening her PC. As Liam wanted to give privacy to his dear friend he exited the room as soon as his work with the computer is done. 

Now, Jasper is all alone in the room.  

Sitting infront of the monitor….he scrolled down the conversation with his eyes glued to the monitor. 

As silence engulfed the room…..Jasper can hear his own heartbeat and quickened breath. 

While the time proceeded further, his face morphed into shock, distress and melancholy. 

He didn't expect this at all. Not from his Evelyn. 

She actually betrayed him!! 

Why is his fate playing with his heart. First, Linda left him….betraying their love. Now, the girl whom he love with all his heart was actually a spy who approached him to backstab him!! 

All in a sudden, he felt that he should have not come here. At least like that his heart would have got prevented from this heart break. 

He lost his hope to proceed further. But obviously his love for his Eve didn't let him to abandon it in midway. 

Her words reverberated in his head. The memories he spent with her flooded back. 

She was clearly disturbed and heart broken back then. She even cried in his arms and even asked what a person has to do to redeem their mistakes. 

Though he didn't give a serious thought why she have asked him back then, now it dawned him. 

She was guilty and realized her mistakes. She wanted to make things right and for that, she asked him for suggestion. 

Suddenly, Jasper felt his heart clench and breath getting haggard. 

He told her that one should be ready to sacrifice anything in order to make things right for their truly loved ones..

Did…did…..she sacrifice her life for him…..just because he have said what was running in his mind back then. 

Did she think he will forgive her if she sacrifice something in order to make things right?? 

It made his body tremble and his eyes turned bloodshot. If that is the case…is he the real reason for her death? 

While thinking, he indeed scrolled down and witnessed the stressed conversation between Austin and Evelyn. It clearly stated that she is not in agreement with Austin about something. 

At last, their conversation ended the new file opened. Soon a video open on the screen. It is dated just a day before Evelyn's death. 

As soon as the dark, black screen lit with the video, his body stiffened and his eyes widened. 

It is his Evelyn and she looked so pathetic. She was so pitiful and disorientated. Seeing her like this almost made him cry…

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