75 Unexpected coincidence

Next, the leader of the other team came inside. 

They are allotted to check on Evelyn's accident..  

"Sir, as expected….Ms. Zhou's accident is well planned. We found some little traces and we are following them." He politely said. 

He didn't understand why it is taking this long for his team to complete this task. The people out there are as powerful as his own team. 

He couldn't underestimate them… 

Jasper sighed as he pinched his nose in helplessness. 

"What about Evelyn? Where….where have she gone before her death and with whom she have talked?" Jasper ordered. 

Evelyn is not a fool to not realize when someone were following her….

She must be at least aware of what was happening….

"Sir, we indeed looked into those matters too. This is the clear cut information of the her daily schedule of last week before her death." Saying so he passed the file. 

Jasper nodded his head and opened it. As said, it contain the detailed schedule of Evelyn. 

"Did you investigate why Evelyn has been to this suburbs almost everyday of her last week? Were someone related to her live there?" Jasper asked as he flipped through the pages. 

"Sir, those suburbs is one of the most costliest place in city H. The regency… which Ms. Zhou visited is one of the most secured place. We didn't get a chance to go inside nor to enquire. But we succeeded getting the permission….. We will be visiting tomorrow…" he said. 

Jasper nodded his head. As he ordered his people to do it quiet and smooth, they couldn't take any harsh reproach. They tried their level best to be low key . 

"If you find something suspicious….inform me ASAP. And don't show yourself…..be careful" Jasper ordered and gestured him to leave the room. 


Another week passed by...

Biyu couldn't face Jasper at all. At first… when she found out that he love her and even she have feelings for him…..she was totally ecstatic. But, after seeing that video a week back….she started feeling guilty and scared. 

As per what she knew…..Jasper values trust more than anything in his life. 

Once, Linda broke his trust. 

Now...she have done it. 

Though she redeemed her mistakes..….the aftermath of her actions still cannot be ignored. It would have ignited the fire somewhere else too… 

Who knows? 

And in meanwhile….she didn't forget about her sessions with Blake. 

He really helped her a little lot in opening up her mind. 

Though the memories didn't flood in immediately….they are at least resurfacing slowly. It takes time for her to remember….but, the total improvement is overall good and satisfactory. 

However, she is only worried about one thing. Blake is really good in reading others mind ….so, she couldn't help but suspect that he found her weird and different compared to other cases. 

After all, she reincarnated and that was the reason she don't remember anything. In the same time, she has memories of two persons….not one!!

But with her friends and brother's support, she started to forgive herself. They even started on how to make Austin pay for this. 


Even Jasper's side is not good. He is totally busy with many things in his hands to do. 

At Council, an assassination organization named white shadow started to trouble them….

He didn't understand how these people found out about the safe houses and secret bases of the council. 

Those matters are truly confidential….

And at the company, his sister is too busy to manage all the things….she has her children and family to be taken care of….so,she couldn't help Jasper at all. 

On the other hand,  his two teams which are working on Biyu's case….they again got into an dead end. 

Everything was totally bad with him….


Like everyday...

Biyu is now in hospital taking sessions from Blake. 

Jasper is in video conference with his directors…

Liam and Alexandra….they are in the tour of China. 

"Jas, your migraine is intensifying day by day. If this happens you must come back for proper treatment and recuperate in grandparents house" his sister Jean scolded him in the call. 

She just looked into his reports he went through the previous day. Last night, he got intense migraine that he rushed to the hospital. 

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Even Biyu accompanied him as he is in no position to drive by himself. 

Later, he forwarded the reports to his sister he is specialized in neurology. 

"Sis, I am busy now a days…..and couldn't take my medicine properly. Please don't worry about me….I will be fine" Jasper assured his elder sister. 

"Don't give excuses dear brother. I have your meds sent. Go and collect from Blake. He is in city H itself….attending one of the private sessions of his friend's sister. He has your medicines…" Jean said. 

Blake is one of the doctor under Valdez hospitals. He is also a good friend of Jasper and a junior to Jean in her medical university. 

"Hmm…..is that so? I don't know that he is here….I will meet him right away" Jasper comforted his worried sister before ending the call. 

As he don't want his favorite sister to worry….he didn't delay his visit and drove to the private hospital….in which, unfortunately Biyu is taking her sessions with same person whom he has to meet. 

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