226 Truth revealed.

"I am not gonna touch Cara's imposter for time being. For now, let's start with the doctor" Jasper said. 

"If I am not wrong, she must have been blackmailed." Jasper said. 

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"And, I am curious why Martin said that he would target Braxton's and Summers first. Let see if our military doctor knows anything about it." Jasper  said. 

"And, we should find out where real Cara Walker is and rescue her. Till we do that, we have to as if we don't know anything" Jasper told. 

Blake nodded his head. 

It made sense. 

If Jasper act out of impulse, it will effect Cara and I'd something happens to Cara, Biyu will be totally down casted and depressed. 

Given with Biyu's condition, it is not good for both baby and Biyu. 

"Will you tell Biyu about this?" Blake asked. 

"No. Not at all. For now, my first priority is my wife and child. I shouldn't increase her stress levels. So, don't tell my wife about that" Jasper said and walked away. 

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