94 Too good to be true

His words reverberated in her head again and again….

Did he say that he has forgiven her???

He even expressed his love for her before sealing her lips with his!!

As the things slowly started to dawn in the heavy heart of her, it is only when she understood the significance of his words. Though they are short, they were enough for her to feel like the happiest girl. 

He really loves her so much the he doesn't even care about anything else. He didn't hesitate at all….

If he was not caring about all those matters, why should she??

Throwing away all her insecurities through the windows of her heart, Biyu closed her eyes and started feeling his warm lips that were moving slowly and sensually on her red and pulpy lips. Within no time, she started mirroring his affection. 

It was only when she realized how much she was craving for him….

He is pouring all his love and longing for her into this deep and emotional kiss and she could only reciprocate his kiss in order to express her pure feelings for him. 

Jasper smiled as he felt her responding to him. 

Pecking her lip at one last time, he rested his forehead against her forehead. 

"Biyu, I know why you are hesitating. And, I honestly don't think it was something that could hinder us from loving each other." Jasper said as he panted a little. 

His voice is full of gentle love for her that it melted her heart right away. 

"You are not feeling anything awkward?? What I meant is, I reincarnated into other woman's body who was actually your childhood love. Don't you feel that this is complicated?" Biyu asked. 

Yes, she knows that this is the most sensitive and forbidden chamber of their love. But she equally felt that this is the right time to clear the air between them. 

If they are about to start everything new, they should not let anything from their past haunt them. 

It is now or never and she intended to clear everything now itself, at the first step of their love. 

She really doesn't want these complications to come into picture after their love intensify and take the doors to next stages of their happy relationship. 

Jasper understood what was going on in Biyu's heart and he couldn't help but feel that she is right. 

They must talk about everything openly and sort some of the complicated matters now itself, because he is adamant not to let her go away from his life. Never again…

"I know Eve. I know that this is the thing that was making you really uncomfortable and hesitant all this time. But, let me ask you one thing" Jasper said as he made her sit on the chair. 

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He kneeled down and looked up into her eyes, which were waiting anxiously for his question to be asked. 

"Tell me one thing? Do you feel it as a hindrance to love me? Or, were you afraid that I would feel like it is a hindrance at one point or the other of our journey together?" Jasper asked as he stared into her eyes which are brimming with tears. 

He knows her well…. he knows her more than she knows herself. 

Wiping away her tears she meekly said, "I love you so much, so much that I was ready to sacrifice myself. Even now I am ready to do anything for you….do anything to be together with you and spend the rest of my life with you. For me, honestly…. this second chance is a god's gift for which I will always be thankful for. I never ever feel that it was hindrance...I never felt like it and I will never do"

"Because it made me realize that we are destined to be together" Biyu smiled a little. Her face is brimming with her emotions.

"I always think why I reincarnated into Linda…. I mean, why only Linda? When I woke up from coma, I was not aware who you are and how close we are connected. But you are the first person I have seen and felt close to" Biyu said. "If it was not Linda, I would have never made it here….so, honestly I never felt this as hindrance. I was hesitant because I was worried about your reaction. I was worried how you will take this…..I was afraid that you will not accept me" Biyu voiced out the real reason for her hesitation as she sniffled.

Jasper laughed and pinched her cheek like he always used to do before she reincarnated. He wiped her tears and kissed her eyes..."Silly woman" he patted her head. 

"You are worried over nothing. Let me tell you Eve…. right before you died in the accident, I understood the true meaning of the feelings I have for you. I was so ecstatic and wanted to express my love to you, but before that I wanted to talk to my sister and take her advice. And, you left me on the same day…. believe me, I never felt that kind of heart break till now. That longing, that desperation…. that heart wrenching pain, I don't want to face them anymore" Jasper said. 

"And, about your hesitation…. don't you think our love is now, far beyond the physical attraction and other matters that you are feeling as hindrance? I don't know about you, Eve, but for me…. I am never this grateful for what happened. I never thought I can get you back, I never thought I can hear those silly and smart words I used to hear back then. I never even imagined that I will feel the same comfort and light hearted ever again while being with someone.  But, see, I have got you here sitting just in front of me. So, how could you even think that I will take all those trivial matters into consideration. For me our love is something that has surpassed all these things….and, right from the moment I got to know that you are my Eve…. I can only see in there, no one else" Jasper caressed her cheeks and wiped away the tears. 

"I still feel this is too good to be true" Biyu sobbed as she hugged him. 

Jasper smiled and hugged her back. "Just like how I am thinking now. This is like a dream for me to get the love of my life back" Jasper whispered as he kissed her forehead. 

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