160 Together and forever..

"Baby girl, turn the sheet around and keep it under this" Jasper said as he hugged her from behind before giving her a small machine which looked like a laser to be accurate. 

The sheet he is referring to, is the pieces of papers they cautiously sticked into one whole sheet of paper. 

Biyu did as she told and Jasper came forward to say frequency by using the buttons on it. As soon as he did, the sheet they placed under the scanner started glowing at some specific regions. 

The regions on which Linda wrote with an invisible inked pen. Her message can only be seen if the right frequency light fall on it. 

"There are some numbers and alphabets written on it" Ye Mei told and Jasper nodded his head. 

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"It's more like a code" Biyu told. 

"It could be the password to open something or something similar to it" Jasper answered and Alex nodded her head in approval 

"I remember" she commented and went back to help Ye Mei, chuckling about something. 

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