201 Toasts

She is nothing like what they expected her to be. In fact she is quite opposite to their imagination. 

She is no innocent. They could see that in her witty and inciting eyes. 

She isn't any ordinary woman who climbed the bed of the powerful man. She alone could be counted as strong, powerful and independent woman. 

Her aura gave away everything. 

The way she carried herself and the way she didn't even flinch with more than hundred pair of eyes looking at her, depicted how used she is to face the people around. 

She is excluding confidence and her eyes glistened with determination as she swept her eyes through the crowd. 

She has the indifferent expression etched on her face just like her husband. However, her stoic face increased her beauty and excluded her tough character. 

With one look, everyone could tell that she is a perfect candidate to sport the tittle 'Mrs. Braxton'. 

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