220 Tiny Braxton???

Jasper nodded his head and hurried away. 

By the time he reached, Biyu is just sitting on her bed eating apples. 

She is truly so weak that Jean couldn't help but worry. 

Poor girl would have been struggling a lot. According to what Jean knows about Biyu, she is hundred percent sure that Biyu will be blaming herself for what is happening. 

Everything started with her coming to spy on Jasper. Or else, no one would have found out that Linda is alive and living somewhere in China. 

So, Biyu is still in guilty conscience that everything is because of her. 

"Sister, what happened to my wife?? Didn't she overexert herself again?" Jasper asked his sister as soon as he saw her coming towards him. 

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Jasper once again glanced through the glass door and couldn't help feel like his heart is twisting with pain. 

His wife is looking so fragile and dull that his heart starting aching for her tremendously. 

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