88 This was her plan since the starting...

"Did you trace out the IP address of sender of that email?" Jasper asked. He previously asked his team to find out who that person is…who helped him in finding about whereabouts of Linda. 

"Yes sir, we did. Though we couldn't affirm who it is….but by the sources we have it can be either Ms. Zhou Biyu or her friends Lu Mingyu" the subordinate replied politely. 

Jasper nodded his head and gestured him to continue. 

"Sir, this is what we found in past three days. What is our next target?" 

"No, nothing much. After what we encounter in that house, we will decide our next step….till then, keep low key and be cautious" Jasper ordered before ending the call. 

Having his cigarette lit, Jasper sighed. 

"What all have you hid from me, Eve?" he softly whispered to himself. 

When he couldn't find where Linda was even after searching for years, Biyu actually succeeded in finding out Linda, that too just in two days of span!!

Does it means…..they know each other??

Clutching his head out of headache, Jasper couldn't take help but take his medicines and rest for sometime. 


Later at evening….

Jasper and his team made its way to the suburb house which Biyu use to use. 

His team have found out about this house long back….but they took time because they have to create a anti program that can help them to open the house. 

With Biyu's previous laptop which was left in Country X in his house, it became even more easier. 

But, still it took them this long to get everything prepared. 

As Jasper entered the passcode, the door opened….showing the living room which is connected to the next floor with elevator. 

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Mysteriously, this house didn't have any stairs but elevators to access next floors. 

Jasper directly selected the 'secret' base room beneath the house and entered the next passcode. 

This directly took him to the floor  which Biyu use for her personal purpose. 

This is where her personal computer is safely secured.…..it was the same PC which she used to restore all the deleted and erased memories. 

So, basically it has the video she recorded and the conversation she had with Austin. 

It is even linked with the secret cameras fixed in the house. So, if Jasper want ….he can even see all that they have done in this house since the past few months. 

"Open this computer" Jasper asked one of his best hacker who is none other than Liam…..Jasper's best friend. Jasper would have done it by himself but he is suffering with his migraine even to think straight. 

Liam nodded his head and started operating on the computer while the team started searching the house. 

Jasper knows that Biyu's friends would have probably got to know that he is in this house. Moreover, Jasper is actually waiting for their arrival. 



Biyu is in Mingyu's house along with her cousin brother Feng and her other friends Su Ming and Su Jun. 

"Biyu, I got a notification that someone are using your PC. I checked the cameras and it is Jasper. Do you want me to fight against his hacker and stop them from finding out everything?" Su Jun asked Biyu who is getting a head massage from Mingyu. 

But as soon as she heard her friend Jun, she stiffened and held her breath. 

However, she is not that surprised. She anticipated this encounter but she didn't expect it to be this soon. 

She couldn't help but accept that Council's teams are very capable. 

"Tell me quickly sis. Do you want me to block them or allow??" Su Jun asked as his hands flew swiftly on the keyboard. 

The hacker from other side is very pro and he is no less than him. 

Meanwhile Biyu let out a sigh and stood up before moving behind Su Jun. With her hands resting on the chair she leaned towards the screen and scrutinized the people inside her room. 

They are indeed council members….they are trust worthy. It is only Jasper and his right hand man Liam. Meanwhile others were busy in checking the house 

"Let them see. Anyway, dodging this situation forever is not possible. Jasper would find it somehow or the other….so, it is better that he see it with his own eyes and witness my sincerity towards him" Biyu said. 

However, to be honest….she is nervous. 

"That's fine sis. The real problem will be when he will find out about this reincarnation thing. Do you think he will believe in this unrealistic things? Will he accept it like how we did?" Feng asked rather concerned. 

"About that...I honestly don't know. Some believe in miracles and some doesn't. But I hope he will believe it…because whatever he sees in there….it is crystal clear to be ignored" Biyu said. 

"Moreover, Blake...my therapist…he is Jasper's friend too. As per my view…Blake would have already suspected that I am reincarnated." Biyu said. 

"You sure about this? Biyu" Mingyu asked. 

"I planned this bro. Jasper saw how much I resemble Biyu….and even Blake would have told him I think so" 

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