198 They kiss.

He is always seen as formidable and cold heated person but Jasper is cheeky and playful with his dear ones. And faking his cold façade even on this important day….thank god, there is no need to do that. 

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"We will continue this at night" Jasper whispered to Biyu. 

"We will continue this at night" Jasper whispered to Biyu. 

"Dream on" Biyu mouthed. 

Halting their cute banter, the doors opened again….this time, Ye Mei walked in with her grandfather. 

Though the Ye family is surprised by this sudden occasion even after her brother's death and her parent's arrest, they are really helpless. 

Ye Mei is the CEO now and she is getting married to Zhou Feng. 

Not to mention Jasper Braxton, the most powerful person in this whole country. 

Meanwhile, her grandfather slowly walked her to the aisle and Feng is totally dumbfounded and awestruck as his eyes are totally fixated on his bride. 

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