13 They are meant to be together

Jasper sighed but it is only when he realized what happened. He talked rudely with Evelyn…

He quickly walked out of the room and realizes that it is already past noon.

"Uncle, did Evelyn come for lunch?" Jasper asked as soon as he spotted the Butler who is preparing a tray to carry food upstairs.

"No, master. Miss asked to send her lunch upstairs" he politely answered.

Jasper nodded his head. "Uncle, prepare some spicy chinese dishes and send them to her. It must have been a while she ate them" he said.

He remember what she had told him few days back. She is missing Chinese foods and wanted to eat them.

Butler froze, totally surprised by what he heard. But he regained his composure and nodded his head happily.

Looks like their master really care for the miss.


Meanwhile, Evelyn just completed sending every known information related to council and Jasper, to Austin.

Though it is very evident that Jasper loves his niece so much, Austin seems very frightened to attack her. So, she should search for his another weakness.

"I am damn hungry" Evelyn muttered to herself. And as if on cue the heard someone knocking her door.

Smiling happily she rubbed her stomach. "Our feast is ready" she hummed and sprinted to the door and opened it quickly.

Her mouth watered as she inhaled the fragrance of the food she has been missing since a week.

"Thank you so much uncle. I have been craving for this and wanted to go to Chinese cuisine to eat. Thanks a lot" she jumped up and down like a small child as she clapped her hands.

Jasper who is 'accidentally' standing there chuckled. He started wondering why every girl loves food.

Even his Linda was like that and his brother in law always cooks for his wife whenever she is angry on him.

"You should thank young master, miss. Not me. He asked us to cook these especially for you. He indeed cares for you....it is just his short temper" Butler talked out his feelings openly totally not aware that his master is seeing them.

Meanwhile, as soon as Evelyn heard what Butler said, her face darkened with anger. Her eyes misted up a little.

"Ahh….uncle. I just remembered that I have to take my herbal medicine. I should not eat anything spicy…so, I am truly sorry for this. I can't accept your sir's kind offer" Evelyn said little mockingly.

"Oh sorry for that miss. But, we also have normal lunch prepared, if you want I will right away ask someone to bring it to you" Butler disappointingly said.

Evelyn sighed. "I am sorry uncle. I am feeling so heavy actually after that 'respectful' breakfast with your master. I think I am not hungry anymore" she pursed her lips.

"But miss. You didn't eat your breakfast too"

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"It's fine uncle. Thanks for your concern but I am fine" Evelyn smiled sadly and closed her door.

Meanwhile Jasper who witnessed all this felt guilty. He should not have let his emotions control him and hurt others. But that was not his mistake either…

He is just in bad mood!!

After all, he felt that she is over reacting.

Sighing deeply he went back to his room and locked himself up again.

Even he decides not to eat.

Meanwhile Butler massaged his temples.

Who does he feel like they are couple who fought with each other?


Inside the room

Evelyn rubbed her tummy again.

She knew that Jasper is watching them. So to make him even more guilty, she actually faked her tears.

And even after closing the door she couldn't help but hope that he will knock her door and apologize to her.

However minutes turned hours and it is almost late evening but no one knocked her door.

"Such a ruthless, heartless, emotionless person. Whoever his wife will be…she will surely die because of his excess stubbornness" Evelyn cursed.

By then, she is not at all aware that this 'perk' will be exclusively belongs to her. She don't know that their fates are entwined just like their names.

Biyu means Jasper, the precious stone in China.

Just like their names they are meant to be one soul… soul mates.

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