19 Their bonding (Bickering time)

"Don't give up on searching for her. If you really love her then this effort you are spending is indeed worthy. We should be able to do everything for them if that was in our hands. Do your level best and leave the remaining for god to decide" Evelyn comforted him.

Jasper smiled sadly and nodded his head. He couldn't help but hope whatever Evelyn said will come true.

"Thanks a lot Evelyn. I can say that you are the friend I got after long time." Jasper said.

By now, Evelyn is so sure that he started opening up to her. That made her happy that he is trusting her but at the same time it made her guilty because she is deceiving him.

But when she heard the word 'friend' she froze.

It made her even more sad because she should backstab someone who are treating her like a friend.

But she is left with no option but to do this. She will agree that she is very selfish and cruel person. For her love she is willing to do anything and whatever she did till now...she didn't regret it even once.

But whenever she thinks about betraying Jasper….it twisted her heart.

Sometime she even feels like she have to stop doing this. But this was already too late to even think about it because she already started it and there is no turning back.

And whenever she see Austin's sweet messages her heart and mind stops thinking about anything else….all she wanted is the happy future with Austin.

But little she would have thought that he is merely using her as a pawn. And she wouldn't have expected that the messages she is getting from that end were actually being sent by his real lover Catherine, the real foe of her.

"OK. Let us sleep now. We should go back early and prepare for the meeting tomorrow." Evelyn said. She is simply in no mood to talk to him.

It is making her feel very guilty whenever he is talking so sweetly with her.

"Yeah. By the way, tomorrow's meeting is very important one. Each and every council leader will be coming tomorrow….we better take rest" Jasper said and placed some more firewood into the fireplace.

"You sleep here. It will keep you warm" Jasper said and moved his mattress far from the fireplace as he made some place for her.

Evelyn gratefully nodded her head.

"Jasper" she called him.

"Hmm" he hummed.

"I will be going to China tomorrow evening. I am missing my cousin's" she said.

After this meeting she is sure that she will get whatever Austin wants to know about the council and it's inner secrets.

She must go there and inform him about it. Along with this she can meet her Gege and some friends.

She have also decided to ask her friends to search for Linda.

No one knows how capable all her friends are. Including her, together they could do wonders. So, she is sure that they will be able to trace Linda.

As a compensation for her betrayal to the friendship between her and Jasper, she decided to help him with Linda.

This will make her feel less guilty.

But poor her that she doesn't know the real plans of Austin. If she would have known, she surely would have not helped him especially in this matter.

Jasper nodded his head. "Sure. Take your own time and enjoy with your cousin's before coming back" he chuckled.

"Yeah. I am gonna eat a lot too" she winked.

"One truck full of food would be enough I guess" Jasper teased.

"Nope, I need two" she joked again.

"If you want I will send my private jet to bring your favorite food along with you to country X" he smiled playfully.

"One wouldn't be enough. Send how many ever you have" Evelyn retaliated playfully.

"Nahh….even that wouldn't be enough. How about we shift your favorite food center to here. So, you can eat it whenever you want" Jasper didn't cave in.

"That would be great.Only if that is possible" Evelyn mocked.

"Nothing is impossible to this Jasper" he flaunted.

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"Yeah…yeah" Evelyn chuckled.

"Only finding Linda is impossible to him" Jasper totally killed the funny mood.

"Good night party pooper" Evelyn pouted.

Meanwhile Jasper smiled cheekily. This is the happiest day he spent after many days.

For some unknown reason he felt more livelier with Evelyn.

He didn't even felt like this with Linda…

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