211 The true Villainess.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Walker. Cara use to talk a lot about you and her childhood memories with you people. I am sorry for what happened to her but I promise, she will be good soon. It's just her memory that isn't proper, so, please don't stress her to talk about something" she said. 

Uncle Zack, loves Cara more than his own child, if he had one. So, he is really shaken up to core after hearing what happened to his young princess. 

In that sadness and guilt, how could he suspect someone. That too, if they are sent by the military in which his niece worked for many years. 

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"We will listen to you, ma'am. Let me show you the hospital belongs to our council people. They will help you in everything that you need" he said.

Uncle Zack took Mara to the security department of the council.

They have to identify her as the legitimate doctor of military of country A.

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