87 The same house...

After hearing such a phenomenal theory from Blake, Jasper drove back to his villa. Before going back, he just wanted to visit Linda and talk to her. 

Not that he want to ask her about all this but now he want to look according to Blake's perspective. 

But by that time even she is back in her house and she is already asleep. This sessions mentally drained her out 

So, when Jasper came to her villa, he saw her sleeping in the couch. As he can't disturb her he is about to leave but the photos on the table caught his attention. 

They are actually hidden under the magazine. 

And, as soon as Jasper saw whose photos they are….he is totally shocked 

Those are his photos which are taken with Biyu when she is alive. Then, how did this pictures reach Linda?? 

Frowning deeply with stressed eyebrows, Jasper made his way out.  

"I want you people to watch Linda. Where she will be going and whom she will be meeting…..I wanted to know everything about it. And, also...look into what she did after coming back to city H" Jasper ordered his team. 

"Yes sir. We will look into it. And, we got to know everything about Austin. Other team has also succeeded in searching for Ms. Zhou's past" his subordinate informed. 

Jasper nodded his head in appreciation. "Meet me tomorrow morning. I have another assignment ready for you" Jasper said. 

Later, after ending the call….he looked back at Linda's villa. Till now, he didn't think about it but after Linda woke up from coma she is totally changed. 

Did she really reincarnate or is it something simple and believable? 


Three days passed by….

Biyu continued visiting her suburbs as well as her sessions with Blake. However, she is totally unaware that someone from Jasper's side is keeping an eye on her...following her everywhere she goes. 

Meanwhile, Feng, Mingyu and Su couple stayed back in City H so that they can provide her support to Biyu. 

She is truly heartbroken by how she betrayed Jasper in her past. The previous day, somehow this memories of betraying him flooded back into her mind. And after that, she tried to remember more but her memories aren't cooperating with her at all. 

Recently, adding to get misfortune….… she even started getting nightmares too. 

She vaguely remembered some bits of her nightmares.  However, it is actually a same dream repeating many times….

A girl is kept captive in a huge dark room. Her screams, sobs reverberating in the room as she suffered all alone to herself. And, all in sudden a man enter the room…

 From there….Biyu couldn't remember any of it. 

She even woke up continuously three times on every night this dream appeared. Her face sweating and her limbs trembling…..due to the horrible dream. 

She didn't understand what kind of dream it was. Is it because of Linda or because of herself?? 

In the video she recorded, she herself told that she is afraid that she will get kidnapped and tortured. 

So..   Is it because of her fear or is it actually a memory of Linda?? 

Keeping this things apart, Biyu couldn't face Jasper at all. Though she saw the video many days back and found out how she backstabbed him.....seeing it through her memories…that felt different. It increased her guilt and heartache.

Till he forgive her she couldn't rest in peace...


After Jasper's people informed him about  Austin's past three days back ….Jasper couldn't help but suspect Austin. 

However, Jasper is sure that someone powerful is backing Austin. It is because they didn't find any information about him, much less the proofs that he is the suspect in Evelyn's death. 

On the other hand, Biyu's past is what it made him restless. 

It is not that he is suspecting her but some things cannot be ignored. Now, he is confused who actually his Evelyn is….


When Jasper is drowning in his own reverie, his team leader made a call to him. 

Since past three days, they were allotted to check on Linda. However, she would always disappear after reaching her company ADORN. They have been wondering how exactly it was possible and now, at last they found out where she has been heading too… 

She is heading to suburb houses at east division. 

It is still shocking for them to believe the truth. Linda is actually visiting the same suburbs, Biyu use to visit. And most shockingly, they have spotted Linda entering the same house which Biyu owned secretly when she is alive. 

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They are truly bewildered by it… they couldn't help but contact their big boss….Jasper. 

Even Jasper was shocked by the sudden turn of events. 

He knew that Linda is not the adopted sister of Biyu, like Feng said. 

It is because he knew Cara Walker by himself. She is the adopted sister of Biyu who use to visit country X to meet her uncle. 

As he know Feng lied, Jasper started to search if Linda and Feng knew each other from long back. 

However, the answer turned out to be negative. They were technically strangers till last month. 

But all in sudden why had he announced to Blake that Linda is his adopted cousin and, now...they spotted Linda going into Biyu's private house. 

"Let everyone leave the house. Today evening we must visit Biyu's house and search for evidences. Even I will be coming with you" Jasper ordered his team member. 

His mind is totally messed up now. If he don't get his answered ASAP he will surely die with anxiety. 

"Noted sir. Is there anything else?" 

"Did you trace out the IP address of sender of that email?" Jasper asked. He previously asked his team to find out who that person is…who helped him in finding about whereabouts of Linda. 

"Yes sir, we did. Though we couldn't affirm who it is….but by the sources we have it can be either Ms. Zhou Biyu or her friends Lu Mingyu" the subordinate replied politely. 

Jasper nodded his head and gestured him to continue. 

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