53 The introductory chapter for volume 2...


Now, the reincranation has happened. 

Biyu is now in Linda's body... 

As per the comments I have gone through, I would like to clarify the plot. 

1. Jasper is not in love with Linda anymore. Though he care for her because of their past relationship, he don't have romantic feelings.  Since they met again I have been telling how he got close to Biyu more than Linda. 

Some of our dear readers told me that it was not that good to see his second love in first love's body. But that is the plot I thought of and wrote according to....so I have my own thoughts how to twist the things and prevent it from getting bad. 

Volume 2 will clarify it. 

2. As for Biyu, even after she reincranate...she will reapproach her family and friends. They will find out about reincranation and be with her all along. They will help her in revenge for Linda and finding out about Linda's secrets and Austin's attack. 

3. Linda's attack here is very mysterious and it has many secrets connected to it. So, it's going to be interesting.  


So, the sequence will be like this... 

Revenge, Mystery and realizations. 

4. As for Jasper, he will find out what happened to Biyu. He will get to know about how she tried to betray him. 

Will he understand her?? 

Guys...I am trying to plot a new and different story. Not a routine ones.....so, it will be different. And it's not going to be uncomfortable or disgusting....believe me. 


Please do continue to read and support me as the whole new different scenario unfolds. It's quite a challenge for me to do it either...but it will try my level best to make it interesting and fulfilled.  


If my dearest readers want any spoilers or picture references or to chat with me. 

Discord server 


please join. 


As for the updates, I am still struck with my sem exams and they are quite hectic. Along with this I have my first book epilogue to complete. But I promise 3 or 2 chaps everyday as soon as my exams complete. Along with this, I will TRY to mass release every Sunday too. 

◌⑅⃝●♡⋆♡LOVE YOU ALL♡⋆♡●⑅◌ 

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