16 The glutton and the bully

"Thanks a lot Jasper. Though you have hurt me at morning...this is the best thing no one did for me since very long. This place means a lot to me. Thank you so much" Evelyn couldn't help but tear up.

In midst of this happiness and overloaded emotions she unknowingly hugged him.

"*cough*…Uhm…Evelyn" Jasper nervously called. It is not like he is disgusted by it but its been years someone hugged him like this.

It made him remember his Linda.

Evelyn who just realized what she did, quickly moved away and her face reddened again.

She still wonders why she let out her emotions this free in front of Jasper.

She was not like this even in front of Austin.

"Ahh…. I am sorry. I didn't mean to…. but my emotions" Evelyn smiled apologetically.

"It's fine Evelyn. Actually, I should be the one who should apologise to you. This morning, I just got the bad news and I was totally frustrated by it....and unknowingly I vented it out on you." he pursed his lips.

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"I didn't think you will be this hurt because of it. To compensate the mistake, I want to give you a treat here and that is why I didn't tell you back then where we are going. I am sorry for how I behaved earlier" Jasper smiled.

Evelyn couldn't help but feel guilty by this. Is she really going to betray this people who are really very good to her?

"It's fine Jaspe

And it twisted her heart when she remembered the fact that Austin never did anything like this for her.

"Let's go in. I think your favourite food would be prepared by now" Jasper said and led the way into the deserted restaurant.

There are no one inside except for them. As soon as they entered the main serving hall, a man in his forties quickly escorted them inside. Evelyn right away recognized that person…. he is this grandmother's son.

They are taken to the balcony where the table is specially arranged for them. Meanwhile Jasper rolled his eyes internally…. sometimes his sister over do the things. For god's sake they just came to have dinner not to a date!!

However, Evelyn is very overwhelmed to notice these small things. The river view along with the earthly fragrance that emanates before the rain…. made her totally emotional and happy.

"Here are the dishes you ordered sir" the same man came up to them and served the dishes. This restaurant is actually a stall type of one that is attached to the house. For the convince of the customers they changed a whole room into the small type of hotel. So, basically, they don't have any waiters or the people working for them.

Evelyn is surprised all over again. All these dishes Jasper ordered are actually her favourite and recently she is craving to eat this dish.

"Eat now. Or do you want to wait till they get cold?" Jasper chuckled as he said.

"No way." Evelyn hurriedly said and started to dig up.

Jasper never understood why women loves food so much. Evelyn is enjoying every bite of it and her face clearly depicted how much she is loving the food.

"Are you not eating? If you are not…pass those dumplings to me please. And those prawn too" she asked. She is yet to register the fact that she came here to eat with Jasper but not someone very close to her.

Most of the persons don't know how glutton she is. Only few who are very close to her knows that and unknowingly she added Jasper into that list.

Jasper raised his eyebrow and snickered. She is actually childish and playful…..he just realized it now. This powerful and strong demeanour she shows is nothing but a mask to hide the real her.

In this matter they are very similar…

In midst of his thinking he even took the dumplings and served it on her plate. After both of them could realize what they did…..

They looked at each other and were about to say something but started chuckling.

"Ahh…..you know… Uhmm… thanks for the food. I am actually a big foodie" Evelyn chuckled.

"I noticed it. If I would have known I would have ordered every dish twice or thrice" Jasper joked.

Evelyn pouted. "Hey…..I am still a human...you bully. But anyway….thanks for bringing me here" she smiled.

"My pleasure" Jasper chuckled as he answered back. Seeing her smile made him happy and he have also realized something.

He never served food to anyone except his niece, sister and Linda. After a long time Evelyn is the first…..that too, he did it before he could even register what he is doing.

He could tell that she is special for him but in which way?

Smiling a little, Jasper started eating. This time they chatted actively unlike how they eat at his place.

Unknown to them all of this is recorded and sent to two people.

One is Jean…Jasper's sister because she asked her own people to record it and send it to her. She wants to analyse how much her little brother can open up to Evelyn.

Second one is Austin…..Evelyn's so called boyfriend. He wants to know the progress of his mission. The faster she helps him to eliminate Jasper the sooner he can kill her too and then proceed with his master's mission to take over the council and the underworld.

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