121 The emotional proposal

Later he turned to the other direction where a small shed type building can be seen. He signaled them to proceed and they nodded their heads before rushing inside. 

The shed is the lab which is used to control the stimuli of the plants. Jasper asked the botanists to make the flowers glow. 

It can be done using a technique called UV induction and it will make the flowers glow  revealing colors and fairy like sparkles even in normal plants and flowers. 

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Jasper spent some millions to fix the UV light emitters all around the plants and make this happen. He didn't hesitate even a little before spending because he recently found out that Biyu use to love fairy tales in her childhood.

She always dreamt of seeing a garden which resembles the gardens in fairy tales. 

Feng even showed him the drawings, little Biyu has drawn many years back. And that is how he got to find out her liking of different flowers and gardens. 

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