81 The CEO of ADORN...

"Let's see what I  can give you this night" she whispered seductively, making William's eyes darken.

And they entered the shop in which Biyu is also present….shopping for Alexandra 

As Biyu finished her quick shopping, she happened to see two people who were standing near the sexy lingerie's section.

And as soon as she saw them, Biyu sneered. From Linda's memory, she could tell how this person's used her. 

Her inside's boiled as memories of Linda flashed in her brain. She couldn't help but think of something to take revenge for Linda.

Though she doesn't owe anything to Linda, it is still a fact that she is now residing in Linda's body. If it wasn't for her, she would have never gotten a chance to be with the person she loves.

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Now, she not only have a chance to redeem herself but also to spend her time with the people she loves. At least, for this reason, she must take some revenge for Linda.

Smiling evilly, she fished out her mobile and messaged someone. Later, she made her want to cash counter where Emma and William are now standing after grabbing some pairs of lingerie. 

Meanwhile, William instantly noticed a gorgeous and stunning woman. Though her face us covered with a scarf, her figure alone is enough for him to drool. 

But she looked familiar, but he couldn't contemplate why. 

Meanwhile, Biyu scoffed as she sensed his heated gaze on her. She still didn't understand why Linda would choose a person like him. 

According to her, Linda wasn't a fool to fall for his false and pretentious love…..then why did she continued staying with William?

Is there any particular reason for that??

While continuing the train of her thoughts, Biyu made her way to the cash counter. Without standing in the line she directly went to the front. 

"Here" Biyu handed the platinum membership card to the saleswoman. "Please bill it soon. I must leave" Biyu said.

Jasper is still waiting in the parking lot for her…..she couldn't bear to make him wait for her while he is busy like a hell. 

Meanwhile, Emma frowned. She has been waiting and this woman came in between. But saleswoman vigorously nodded her head….and took the card

This membership card actually belongs to the creator of ADORN. As this is one of the subsidiary brands of ADORN….they were shocked to see the card. 

"Miss, I am waiting here and how could you let her come in between" Emma sneered. 

"Miss, I am sorry...but, if the person has a membership card….we can't ignore them." They apologized. 

Emma frowned with knitted eyebrows but soon got distracted when her mobile buzzed. 

She got a message from her manager. It said that the legendary fashion brand….ARORN selected her as their ambassador for Asia. 

Emma is totally shocked and surprised. She is not even an A-grade model…..so, how can a renowned brand like ADORN select her. 

But, her lips curved up with an arrogant smile. As this shop is under ADORN...she will get the VIP treatment as an ambassador. 

"Oh…is that so. Then…do you know who I am? I am an am the ambassador of ADORN. If I tell your CEO….your career is done for good" Emma arrogantly snickered. 

Meanwhile, the staff around them couldn't help but get frustrated. But they are equally amused too… 

The woman who gave the platinum membership card now…she must be someone very close to their CEO….Alexana. 

Or worse, this woman might even be the true CEO, who vanished tight after starting this fashion line. 

"But, miss.....this card belongs to…." The cash lady is about to tell that this card exclusively belongs to CEO…..but Biyu interfered. 

"Well,  let her bill out first. She is an ambassador after all….we can't go against her." Biyu told. But her eyes are full of mockery. 

Biyu herself asked the ADORN'S management department to select Emma as their ambassador. 

And as soon as she passed the orders, the team sent a message to Emma….

Meanwhile, William is flabbergasted by hearing that voice. 

It….it sounded like Linda.  

While his eyes are sticked to the woman in a scarf, Biyu deliberately loosened her scarf. 

And, when she bent down to pick up her phone which she intentionally dropped, her scarf slipped down a little bit. 

Williams eyes widened and his arms trembled….

Is that Linda….?

Those eyes…those lips…

And before he could see, Biyu covered it up again. 

William wanted to see her….but Biyu smiled at the cash lady and took him to cover before exiting the shop. 

Then,  she vanished into the crowd.  

Little he knew that this day will be starting his downfall.  


Later, Jasper and Biyu went to Liam and Alex's house. 

"I will be in the study room. Alex's bedroom is next door…" Jasper said and led her to the door. 

"After you finish…give me a message" he said before going inside. 

Biyu sighed. He doesn't want her to enter the study room. 

Heaving a sigh, she made her way to the bedroom. But all in sudden she heard some sound and her eyes couldn't help but widen with realization.

She sprinted to the door but it was already late…..as house reverberated with gunshots. 

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