22 The Biyu he don't know

"As I said, Jasper is in love with a girl name Linda Jones. But she vanished some years back and from then he is searching for her." Biyu said to her friends as they settled in the room which is filled with many screens, computers and other devices.

The whole floor is filled with the same rooms and they have many people working for them.

"You want us to find her?" they asked at the same time.

"Yeah" Biyu simply answered.

"Hey! Why are you looking at me like this. Is it wrong to help a friend?" she pouted as three of them looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"No…no." they said at the same time. They just thought that she will say 'I love him'.

That is what her uncle Zake wants. Jean called him and told everything.

Even he is happy if they get together. Jasper and she will make a good pair.

"We will help you sis. Just give us her basic information" they smiled at her.

If she don't love him, then it's fine. Who are they to force her??

If she is happy to help Jasper, they will of course support her and stand beside her.

"How much time will be needed for you to find her?" Biyu asked as she beamed at them. But a yawn escaped out of her lips.

They already passed the information to their subordinates and if the information about the girl is simple and easy to track it would hardly take seconds.

But seconds turned minutes and it was already evening but they couldn't find anything about her.

"Biyu, why don't you go and rest. You must be tired because of jet lag….after we find her we will tell you" Ming, her friend chuckled as she saw Biyu dozing off.

"Yeah." Biyu groggily stood up and fished out a car keys from the drawer.

It is a new Porsche of Jun.

"Woah…..girl. Wait…we will drop you. I don't want you to kill someone driving" Jun horrified and stood up.

"He don't want his car to get smashed or taken away by cops" his wife, Ming mocked.

For a racer like Biyu, she likes to drive faster and in the crowded places like this it is next to impossible for her to drive without making a dent to it.

That is his favorite car and she already destroyed many of his expensive cars.

"I will drive her. You both concentrate on finding Linda." Mingyu said and took Biyu's hand.

"And please don't make out here" Biyu winked as she is dragged away by her brother.


"Should I come up little sis" Mingyu asked as he patted her head lovingly.

They are already at her usual apartment.

Biyu yawned and blinked her eyes and looked cutely at him. "No… I can manage. Just tell me after you find Linda" she told as yawn threatened to escape her lips.

"Give me a hug at least" Mingyu pouted.

"Oh…sure" Biyu giggled and hugged him. She planted a kiss on his cheeks and chuckled.

"I missed you brother" he pursed her lips and gave him her farewell.

"Miss you too" He ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead a bye.

Meanwhile, a person who is standing at the window of her bedroom looked at the hugging duo and he clenched his fists.

It's pissed him off and his insides burned with jealousy.

He gritted his teeth and pulled the curtain closed. He will wait for her to come up….

Biyu said her good night and entered the bed room humming her favorite song.

"You are in very good mood. May I know why?" Austin asked as soon as she entered the bedroom.

"Oh...Austin. You scared the hell out of me" Biyu (Evelyn) sighed in relief as she patted her thumping heart.

"You seem so close to him" Austin mocked as he approached her slowly.

Biyu could feel her heart thumping loudly as he approached her. They never did anything except kissing occasionally and hugging.

It's not even been half an year he proposed her and she agreed. Though she used to have crush on him since years she never did anything more than stalking him and acting like his fangirl.

But his voice gave her otherwise, he seems so angry rather than happy to meet her.

"I don't know that you would come to my apartment" Biyu said as soon as that words left her mouth she regretted it.

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"Oh…..otherwise you wouldn't have brought him here?" Austin asked. Now he is just a inch from her lips.

She could feel her blush creeping up her chest and neck as it deliciously reached her milky cheeks.

But his words made her even more angry.

"What do you mean by this , Austin? Are you implying that I am cheating on you" Biyu scowled as she pushed him away.

Meanwhile Austin is shocked. She never raised her voice against him.

He could see that she is changed. She became more fierce and confident.

She is not smitten to him like she was before.

"It's not like that love. I am just jealous seeing you in other man's arms. I only want you to be intimate with me…no one else. You know how much I love you right. " he quickly changed his way of approach. He gently cupped her face and gave her a sweet kiss on her mouth.

If she is fierce…..he will act also accordingly.

As he just expected her anger just vanished into thin air and she chuckled.

"Haha…..so cute of you. You don't have to be jealous. Mingyu is a gay and he already have boyfriend. He is just like my brother" She explained.

What bothered Austin more is not her hug. It is that person whom she was hugging.

Lu Mingyu…

He never expected her to be this close to one of the formidable persons of the country.

He started feeling like there is so much he don't know about her. Even the day she fought with assassins he didn't expect her to be this pro with weapons.

But he later comforted himself that she is trained to be like this. She is after all the daughter of Council's founder.

His real girlfriend Catherine is right. Biyu is not the same person he knows….she is different.

But will get friends like Mingyu will leave him alone if he kill Biyu?

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