102 Sweetness overloaded!!

The next morning Biyu woke up early. After Jasper hugged her to sleep, not even a single nightmare had dared to enter her beautiful dreams. 

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She really had sweet and romantic dreams in her lover's embrace 

And as soon as she woke up, Jasper's handsome and peaceful sleeping face, which is just few inches away, made her smile sweetly. 

She wouldn't miss such a heart fluttering and sexy face never in her life. She don't want to and she will not… 

Her fingers involuntarily reached his sleeping face and caressed it. She couldn't deny that she is mesmerized by it. Her looked so perfect in her eyes… 

Her fingers skimmed on the sharp edges of his jaw and traced it to his cheek bones. And then she tapped his nose playfully before kissing it. 

"I would not complain to this type of waking up every day in the morning. In fact I would wait for it" Jasper who has been long awake, huskily whispered against her chin which is resting on his lips. 

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