161 Sweetness before storm

The next morning….

It's already eight but Jasper just got freshened up. They woke up late and he is getting ready for the meeting that will be starting at 10am. 

Even Biyu woke up but she is too tired and exhausted to get out from the bed. She has of course  faced the consequences of her teasing. 

Still wrapped in blanket, she just continued peeking at her fiancé who is nonchalantly getting ready for the meeting. As if he doesn't remember how much he teased her last night 

But Jasper also had other reasons for his 'strenuous' actions. He wanted her to sleep all the day till evening. 

So that she would not be able to sneak out to check the locker without him accompanying her. Now that she is dead tired she will probably sleep till he comes back. Later they both can go together. 

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In this way there is no need for him to worry about her. 

"When will your meeting end?" a sleepy yet extremely sweet voice interjected him from his thoughts. 

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