135 Suicidal Pill

This is the first time their boss is acting this close to a woman. But it was not the thing that shocked them, it is the ring on Biyu's left hand which stunned them to their core. 

Still in the shock, everyone entered the basement and Jasper led Biyu to the torture chambers. 

Stopping at one of the chamber that is made of transparent glasses at four sides, he looked at his baby girl who is now in her badass version. 

"Here is the surprise I promised you my love" Jasper told in his low tone so that only she can hear. If someone overhear they will surely have a heart attack by the tenderness in his voice. 

He is a devil after all….

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Heartless and emotionless….

Meanwhile, Biyu is really surprised by the person inside. 

While Biyu's attention is on the person who is tied up inside, Jasper's attention is solely on his baby girl. He is waiting for her to talk something. 

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