106 Stan and Linda??

Alex looked at her with confusion. This Biyu is truly difficult to understand…except for Jasper no one knows what is going on in that mind of hers. 

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"That dress is very expensive, Biyu. If Emma wear it to the banquet then, her status will take a high peak. And, if this happens…she will be flying with her pride" Alex scoffed. 

Biyu laughed and patted her friend's shoulder. "Hmm...that is exactly what I want. How good will it be if we shoot an arrogant bird flying high. Won't it be thrilling compared to shooting a pitiful and already dying bird? Hmm?" she smirked. 

"As you asked, Liam ordered his PA to send a VIP invitation to Emma and others working with ADORN on this winter magazine. I didn't understand your reason behind this" Alex asked. 

Biyu giggled. "Well, to be frank, there is no reason behind it. I don't want others to get suspicious why I will be sitting in VIP secton" she chuckled. 

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