60 Someone more powerful

"Why did you do that?" William turned to his father and asked dangerously. 

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She deserve a proper funeral at least.

"Why shouldn't we do that, William. Do you really care for her this much. If that was the case thank god that she isn't alive now.

Otherwise, you would have taken her to your grandfather and announced her as your fiancée" his mother scoffed. 

"Then, our plan would have gone waste" his father agreed. 

"Loving her or not….it doesn't matter. I asked you why you did you that. ANSWER ME DAMMIT" William shouted. 

Meanwhile his sister Ye Mei rolled her eyes and continued eating. She is dead tired coming here after her work. She would have directly gone to her boyfriend's place. 

"We did it because, someone deposited 50 billion into your dads account and asked us not to reveal her identity as Linda Jones. They asked us to name her as an orphan" his mother explained in the same frustrated manner. 

"And, they even sent us this file. Check out" his father throwed the file near his hand on the table. 

William frowned as took the file. The more he saw, the more he is astonished. 

These are the budget plans of the various first tier companies. And this is the same project he previously wanted Linda to work on. 

He want her to design it in the lowest price so they can win the contract. However, with her death he is nothing but helpless. 

But, now… he have every information related to that project and for how much other companies have designed it for..  

So…..with this file in his hand, he simply don't need Linda's help. He can easily win the project by designing it with lowest price. 

"We got these as a compensation for shutting our mouths William. We got what we want….it's like killing two birds with one stone" his father smirked. 

"Linda is no more in your life. And, we will win the project….next, you can even get a rich woman to marry you without any problems" his mother smiled sinisterly. 

Ye Mei had enough. Their cunning brains are making her more and more frustrated. Unable to take it anymore she stood up abruptly. 

"Well, as your problems are solved and I saw my brother…am I allowed to go? I have a court session tomorrow" she asked in her annoyed voice. 

"Mei, where are you going everyday. This is your home and you must stay here. You got it!!" her mother shouted. 

"And, can't you just act like a normal socialites and go to get together parties, functions like a Young Miss of other families" her father asked as he shouted. 

"Yes, just send her to some blind dates and get her married….at least like this, she will be helpful for me to stabilize my position as CEO" William said in the same grumpy tone. 

Ye Mei sighed and her face reddened with anger. "I am not your toy to sell me as you wish. And, you don't have to interfere with my life…..I am an independent woman who can take care of myself." She shouted back. 

"I had enough and I am going now" she said and took her handbag before storming out. 

She didn't get her car so she walked till the main gate. And as soon as she exited the house, a black and modern Maybach is waiting for her. 

Without hesitation she opened the door and hopped inside. 

"You fine? You're looking  like a yummy red tomato" her boyfriend teased her as he squeezed her hand. 

As soon as she saw his handsome face, all her anger, frustration and irritation vanished into thin air. 

"Like always….I am tired by them, Feng" Ye Mei said as she leaned on his shoulder. 

Zhou Feng….the one and only cousin of Zhou Biyu, the current CEO of Zhou corporations and heir of the Zhou and Huo family…..looked at her exhausted face and his expression softened. 

"If you don't like them….don't go baby. Just stay in our house with me" he kissed her forehead and she nodded her head before hugging him tightly. 

"My family is scheming something again. They even have that whole information related to central theme project. They have your Zhou corporations….final budget design" she said. 

Zhou Feng furrowed his eyebrows but calmed down. "Hmm… let them baby. You don't have to worry about all these. I will take care right…" he kissed her forehead and started the car. 

"Feng, you are already very disturbed due to Biyu's death. I know the pain you are in….at least let me help you in some or other way to lessen your stress" Ye Mei said as she sadly smiled. 

The whole Zhou family is sad with Biyu's death. It's been three months….still, no one returned back to their normal state of mind. 

"I am lucky to have you Mei" Zhou Feng kissed her lips one last time before driving into the main road. 

If her family would have known that their daughter is with Zhou Feng….they would have been surely delighted. 

After all Zhou's is the most powerful and wealthiest family….

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