128 Smitten by her...

As Biyu had her emotional reunion with her family, others just waited patiently and gave some privacy to the family. 


By the time, Jasper came inside he is dumb founded by the scene infront of him. 

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His Evelyn is sitting in middle of the huge U shaped sofa, while his sister and sister in laws sitting on either sides of her. Alex, Ye Mei and Su Ming are sitting very next to her and all of them were laughing seeing something which his Eve is holding. 

'What are they seeing? And what is so funny in it?' Jasper thought to himself and approached the ladies. 

Not too far from them, his brother in law and brothers are having fun with Biyu's brothers and their other men friends. However, his brother in law didn't forget to mock him with eyes. 

'See what…..your girl can also be snatched away from you. So, don't expect to have some alone time with her anytime soon.' That was the exact meaning of his brother in law's mocking gaze. 

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