203 Sir's plight

"It won't be congesting" 

"And the rooms are not small"

"This jet's provides the most comfortable experience….cough… cough… I mean comfortable journey" Jean teased. 

"These jet's are specially for 'that' cause. Give me your feedback after your journey tonight. If it's good I am gonna purchase too" Scott whispered. 

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"SCOTT SUMMERS!!" Jean shouted at her husband.

"What!! I wanted to buy too!! So that we can use our time effectively" Scott answered making everyone laugh. 

This couple never change!!

"You four, you can go inside, but boys" Jean giggled. 

Jasper and Feng looked at her questioningly. 

"You will be having one hour meeting with your company board members" she told. 

"Huh?? Sis, you know what tonight is!!" Jasper asked pouting. 

"You will be going for more than ten days on your honey moon boys. You have to give some orders to them so they they will not disturb you four" Scott, Jean's husband said. 

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