182 Showing off their relationship for the first time.

William would of course not dare to tell her that half of these are fade assumptions. 

Moreover Zhou family doesn't like him. 

"I met your brother today" William told. 

"He is thinking of arranging a blind date for you" he said. 

"Oh!!" Chloe acted as if the is slightly shocked. 

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"I don't know?" William asked, slightly relieved. 

"Are you doubting me, William!!! If I am really interested in blind dates, why will I accept your proposal to get married to you?" Chloe asked, her voice grim and angry. 

William's couldn't help but get shocked. He never thought Chloe can be this bold and haughty. 

This made him remember both Biyu and Linda at the same time. She is resembling both the girls right now. 

"It isn't like what you are thinking. Chloe, I felt insecure!! You are the first and only person I ever loved. Do, naturally I will be afraid, all right" William dead panned. 

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