181 She want to pour acid on his face!!

He stayed there till her breath became even. After making sure she is asleep, he went to study room. 

They had waited patiently till now, sowing the traps for both white shadows and their followers. 

Now it's time to attract those people into their respective traps. 

Jasper made a call to his people who are now pretending as employees in Ye corporations. 

"I want you to find the info about every share holder of Ye corps. Their weaknesses, swindling's they are involved in… everything" Jasper ordered them. 

Till now his people were observing everything closely, collecting information whenever they gets a chance. 

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Now it's time to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. 

"And,  I want information about Zhang family and their business. Let's see what those ludicrous people do while he buy all the shares of their shareholders." Jasper told. 

"Rest assured, sir. We will have it done by tomorrow" they politely answered. 

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