99 She is none other than the former supermodel Linda Jones

In press conference...

Alexandra arrived at the venue and photographers couldn't help but flash their cameras in excitement. She is a very prominent figure in City X as well as other countries in the west. With her arrival and ADORN'S debut here, they are having a very high expectations on their first magazine and winter themed dresses. 

Emma who is sitting in front row is as arrogant as ever. She is so adamant that she will be the main model and no one can blame her because it is what her manger has told her. And this manger got the air of this gossip from chief designer of ADORN. 

But no one knows that Biyu is the one who started this rumour. She just wants to give a beautiful gift to Emma at the starting of her payback. 

"Ms. Alex, it is rumoured that Ms. Emma is the main model. Could we ask the reason behind this? After all, there are many high rated models in the industry" a reporter asked. 

Alex smirked inside. She knew how this brain of her friend works. Yes, she knows that Linda is now Biyu. As she already knows Biyu before reincarnation she is very fond of her. 

"Everything will be announced along with the surprises ADORN has planned for our beloved fans. I kindly ask everyone to wait patiently" Alex smiled and continued walking to the stage. 

Emma who saw Alex proudly looked at others. The arrogance and pride in her eyes made others feel like to smack her head. 

They still didn't understand why ADORN selected this head strong and good for nothing model. 


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"ADORN is happy to announce that it will be starting an artist management company" Alex announced. 

This of course shocked others. Starting a company on its own is the most difficult thing.  They need very good actors to sign with them and it needs support from well established companies for that…

"Excuse me Ms. Alexandra, but starting the company that too here, without any experience in this field…." one of the paparazzi asked.

"You will be also needing huge capital for this" another person said. 

Alex chuckled. 

Meanwhile the vice CEO interfered the reporters. 

"Let madam finish her announcement. You will get your answers soon" he said. 

Alex cleared her throat. 

"My new company is collaborated with one of the multi-national company. All our artists will work with that company and all their works will be produced by that company itself" Alex said. 

This again made others stun to their core. No company will bear the producing charges like this company does. It is after all an artist management company but not a producing company. 

They couldn't help but wonder which company would give such a huge investment. 

"We are now collaborated with Braxton corporations and our first artist will be the main model we selected for our magazine this time" Alex said. 


"I didn't expect this" Biyu pouted. 

So, Jasper is the one who is behind this. He doesn't want her to go back to the companies that have humiliated Linda before. It will be a grate embarrassment for her to apply for those companies to become their artist again. 

So, he asked Alex to start this new company just for her sake. 

"Otherwise, what did you think about that boyfriend of yours? He doesn't want you to suffer at all" Liam chuckled. 

"By the way, when is your first date?" Liam teased. "Its already been one week" he mocked. 

"You guys are too busy because of the banquet. Might be after that" Biyu blushed. 


Meanwhile, everyone in the press conference are already stunned because of the two surprises Alex announced.  

First one is her coloration with the almighty Braxton corporations. 

Second one is her tie up with another grate designer and owner of high-end jewellery brand Stephen. 

When they are already in shock, Alex chuckled. 

Its time for the real shock.

"As we have already announced that Mr. Liam, the Hollywood actor will be the male model, its time for the revelation of three female models we have selected." Alex said. 

And as soon as she said that, everyone sat straight. This is the thing for which they are waiting. 

"Our supporting models will be, Ms. Hou and Ms. Emma" Alex announced. 

This was like a heat attack for Emma. She stood up but she is pulled down by her manger. 

"Emma, it is your luck that you are still selected for this magazine. Don't mess this up with your greed" her manger hissed. 

Emma gritted her teeth and sat down. But soon her anger is turned into horror as she heard the next announcement. 

"Our main model is someone for whom we are very grateful to. At first she didn't accept our request but later she accepted to be our guest model" Alex announced. 

Other couldn't help but feel flabbergasted by what they heard. 

Who is this person more grate than Liam itself?? He willingly offered to take the role of male model but this main model made them wait...

"Our main model left the same film industry few years back because of her personal reasons. And, now…. she decided to come back. We are grateful that she decided to make her come back with our winter magazine. And we are more grateful that she will be our first artist" Alex said. 

Then she turned to the tech staff and gestured them to turn on the projectors. 

"She is none other than our former supermodel Linda Jones" Alex proudly announced.   

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