194 she got kidnapped??

Then, council would not dare to go against her even if they finds out that she belongs to white shadows organization. 

If things permit, he wanted to take her to honeymoon as well. 

The other surprise is, Feng will be getting married too. 

Like this, Biyu's wish to get married on the same day of her cousin will also get fulfil. 

"You should sleep, baby girl" Jasper told Biyu as soon as their flight took off. 

As the journey is too long and it's almost early morning, Biyu was yawning, leaning on to Jasper. 

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"What about you? Aren't you asleep, Hon" Biyu asked. 

"I am not that sleepy, babe. You go on and sleep. I will join you later" Jasper told. 

Biyu pouted. "Are you angry on me, Hon? You didn't even kiss me good night" she asked sadly. 

Jasper just wanted to stop kissing her. They are getting married tomorrow and he just want to hold on till tomorrow. 

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