168 She deserves it

Biyu wiped her own tears from her face and stood up from Jasper's arms before sitting beside Linda. She wrapped her arm around her shoulders and comforted her. 

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However, they opened the wounds of her heart all over again and Linda's tears never stopped. 

"I am sorry" Jasper told as he took Linda's hand and gently patted it. 

Linda smiled a little and wiped her tears before gratefully looking at two of them who are comforting her. 

"No, Jasper. There is nothing to feel sorry about. You guys didn't knew about what I was going through, so, how can I expect you guys to rescue me. When that happened, we were just eighteen years old" Linda told. 

"I never thought that your life is this sad. You are a strong woman Linda" Biyu said. 

Linda smiled and leaned a little on Biyu's arm which is wrapped around her shoulders. Though they nearly met, she felt like Biyu is a kind person by heart. 

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