77 Selling information....

"Yeah. I am a little confused by her case. Well, I have a theory for that too…..but, no one will believe me and will think that I became crazy with my theory and thesis" Blake chuckled.

Jasper raised his eyebrow as he looked at his friend. When didn't he have theory??.....for everything he will have some logical explanation. 

After all, he is Jean's junior and pupil. 

"And, what is that great theory my friend has?" Jasper asked rather amused. But to be honest, his mind is in mess and so is his heart. 

After what he heard and what he saw, of course he is confused. 

Even in his dream, he have thought that Linda is close tonight Zhou Feng. How come she is Biyu's adopted sister..  

"Bro, as equally as I am excited to share my super theory…..as a doctor I have to maintain the secrecy about my patients personal life. I can't tell share patient's info." Blake said. 

Jasper rolled his eyes and shook his head. However, he didn't feel like this theory would help him to sort his things out. In return, he felt like it will actually mess his mind even more. 

"Fine…..Fine. I will talk to you later. I am getting call from Liam's security people. It's been almost week I talked with Liam and Alex. They vanished into thin air…" Jasper said and hurriedly stood up. 

He didn't understand why, but he is feeling a bad premotion. 

Things at Council weren't good as it seen….

The assassination group….White Shadows is causing a havoc. It is still a wonder how they found out council's most protected safe house and bases. 

"OK man. Bye. Even I have to meet my next patient. That woman is as difficult as Linda to deal with…..uhh" Blake mumbled to himself but it was too late. 

Jasper is alreasy out of the room, walking towards elevator with long strides. 


"What's wrong with Liam?" Jasper asked, concerned. 

"Sir, at last we managed to track him down. Ms. Alexandra was tied and locked up in one of the car in parking lot and Mr. Liam is no where to be seen. He got kidnapped by the assassins…" the subordinate panicked as he spoke. 

And as soon as Jasper heard it, his eyes turned red with anger and he clenched his fists as he gritted his teeth out of rage. 

Just after the launch of ADORN, Jasper asked Liam to go and see into Council matters. Last time they talked…..Liam and Alexandra were going to one of the safe house to meet someone who was victim of white shadows. 

How did he got captured by them??

"I will be coming right at this instant. Meanwhile, try to find out his location" Jasper ordered and drove back to the house. 

In meanwhile, he contacted Linda to tell her that he will be going back for few days. She just knew that he is here in China just to expand his business. 

As Alexandra want to help Linda, she came to look into their fashion line ADORN. Liam just followed her here because he can't live without his girlfriend. 

But Linda didn't receive his call….so he decided to leave a message or tell to her Butler before going. So, he stopped by at her house and to his suprise….she is in her house itself. 

Not too long back he saw her in the hospital!


"Jasper, even I want to come. Liam and Alexandra are my friends too. If they are in trouble I can't be in peace. They have did so much for me…" Biyu protested as he denied her request to accompany him. 

He simply want to go alone. He is no longer interested in any one except his dead love. 

"It is dangerous, Linda. Stay here. After finding where Liam is we will let you know. You can't interfere in our matters" he told. 

"I will not!! Alexandra is in hospital….I can take care of her and if you want I can help you too" she said. Though Biyu is not that close to Alex and Liam….she started bonding with them. 

She is genuinely concerned and in additional to this, country X is the place where she have stayed in the six months. 

Going there would help her to retrieve her memory. That is what her therapist Blake told her. 

"Fine." Jasper accepted. As Alex is in hospital and she need some distraction from worrying about Liam….he want someone to accompany her. 

Alexandra's parents doesn't know about all this. So, he couldn't help but keep it as a secret from them. And he can't trust any other friends of Alex. So, Linda is the best choice. 

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But he would have never expected how twisting and interesting this travel will be. 



Somewhere in the dark shadows of the forest, lies a secret base of white shadows organization. 

"I didn't expect that...you will retrieve that information from the tablet" a handsome man said as he sipped his wine. "Now, Liam will be in our hands soon" he laughed. 

"Well, my subordinate Austin is still a fool and so is my big brother. They still think that whatever information Biyu gave is destroyed" Austin's boss, laughed. 

"Now, Jasper is going back to country X but in the time…can I tell that he is courting death by coming in search for Liam" he laughed. 

"Couldn't agree more. As asked, we will help you in eliminating Jasper." Standing up, the handsome man shook hands "Thanks for selling the information about Council.  We will look forward to work with you more".

"Like wise Mr. Smith" Austin's boss smiled. He is tired of living under his big brother's dominance. Now… .it is his chance to strike. 

And he is not aware of how huge the chaos will be because of this incidence. 

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