104 Second letter...

So why to wait?? 

Why to make each other wait. Isn't it already too long that they have waited?? 

As Jasper said, their love is far beyond physical attraction. Everything they indulge in, it is a pure interaction between their hearts and souls. 

"Jas" Biyu called…

But her reverie and their sweet romance got disrupted as someone opened the door without any knock and rushed inside. 

"Biyu, I just got to know that you will be attending tomorrow's banquet. We have to find a perfect dress and every-" Alexandra stopped her nagging when she saw the couple on the bed. 

They are hugging each other so tight and they were looking so intimate. Though they are fully dressed and have not indulged in anything more than cuddling….the intensity of the love she sensed in the air is too sweet and pure. There is no lust….

But she didn't expect Jasper in same room as Biyu's. Weren't they sleeping in whole different rooms the previous night?? 

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