218 Scarlett kidnapped.


Ten days passed by and everyone are busy in their own works. 

Jasper is going to his company and he is busy in his work. But occasionally he would go back to council and help his team.

Meanwhile, Biyu and Liam got busy in digging information about Martin's past. 

Even Linda who is pregnant, is helping them. 

She was trying to contact the loyal followers of her grandfather but so far, she couldn't get into touch with them. 

Alex, who is also pregnant is helping Zhou Feng, Lu Mingyu in linking Martin with Austin, the man who used Biyu to get information about council. 

What they are yet to find out is, Austin's big boss is none other than the friend of Martin's uncle. 

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Well, the enemy who shifted his sides by becoming the friends. 

And to prove his loyalty Martin's uncle asked them to get information about council. 

He has to make sure council will not find out that Martin is behind this. 

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