177 Reunion

"Brother, Mei has to stay in this same state for almost two weeks. Her condition has improved and there is nothing adverse to be afraid of!! We just need antidote and it is getting prepared" Biyu reminded him. 

"Isn't everything all right now, brother?? Why are you still sitting here like lifeless man?? Mei wouldn't have appreciated this. She would have planned how to take revenge for you, if you are in her place" Biyu angrily spoke. 

This Feng is not at all like her brother.

"You don't have to worry about that. I have perfect plan in my mind and I was just waiting to discuss it with you and Jasper. I thought you both will be busy, so, I didn't wanted to disturbs you guys." Feng told as Biyu dragged him to the table and gave him plate in which she served food. 

"We just woke up and I rushed here" Biyu told. 

"I know that you won't be eating anything, so I prepared dinner for you too" she told. 

Feng raised his eyebrow and gave her a look. 

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