183 Real CEO of ADORN!!!

Emma couldn't help but flare up with jealousy. She never thought Linda would lead such a good and luxurious life. 

"I think that man is Linda's sugar daddy. Last time I checked, she is left penniless and was seeking out someone else, offering her body to them just like a whore" Emma spat out her words. 

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"But sister Emma, how can you know this much about sister Linda?? Didn't you tell us that you lost connection with sister Linda before two years" one of the photographer asked. 

He is placed there by Biyu itself so that Emma can write her own disastrous fate. 

It is when Emma understood that she spoke out loud. Cursing her luck, she pressed her lips together, denying to answer the questions that are being fired at her. 

"Or, were you lying to all of us, sister Emma? You were actually in contact with Sister Linda then" another person planted by Biyu herself, asked. 

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