98 Public appearance

"I will not make a public appearance today but Alex is going to announce my comeback" Biyu chuckled as she kissed him back. 

"All the best love. I will always support you" Jasper kissed her before going. 

"Now, let's start with revenge" Biyu chuckled. 

She will be the main model while her supporting model is none other than Emma, the mistress of William Ye. She is the first reason for Linda's downfall. 

As it started there, Biyu wanted to start her revenge from the same point. 

Later she will make a move on William. 

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Press conference….

ADORN is a famous brand from western countries. So, when others found out that this fashion brand will officially launch in city H, they were very excited. 

Now, ADORN is releasing its winter magazine that too with Liam as the male model. 

He is the most famous Hollywood actor. So, when they got to know that he will be doing modelling for ADORN that quirked up the excitement in everyone. 

ADORN is famous for winter styled clothing and it is now, not only collaborated with world famous actor Liam but also with another world class fashion designer Stephen (Mingyu's boyfriend). 

Of course, this became a revolution in whole modelling industry as well as film industry that everyone were eagerly waiting to find out who will be the female models. 

As everyone knows Alexandra as the CEO, when she announced a press conference….within no time, the whole hall is filled with reporters and paparazzi. 

This is the exact reason why Emma (William's mistress) felt so proud to find out that she is selected to become a supporting model. 

She thought that main model will be some foreigner or someone from filming industry. 

As press conference is dated today, she excitedly got ready in stylish semi transparent jumpsuit and made her way to the conference hall. 



Biyu just came back to her and Jasper's home after finishing her therapy session. 

"Are you sure that you don't want to make an appearance now" Alex asked Biyu. 

Alex just got ready and she came along with Liam to meet Biyu before going to press meet. 

"I want to see all those reactions. William, his parents, Emma and everyone who knew that Linda is dead" Biyu answered. 

She is now sitting infront of the group of computers….every computer going through some series of codes. Biyu is actually hacking into William's office and other CCTV cameras in Ye mansion. 

She want to see how they react. As she is sure that Emma would have asked William to see, he would fit sure watch the conference. 

As madam Ye is a huge fan of gossips and entertaining industry she will never miss something spectacular like this. 

"Is it really necessary Biyu" Liam asked her. 

"Of course bro. We are having second thoughts on who this murderer might be. So, First of all we have to find out if William's family is any way connected directly to the attack. Depending on this, we can start plotting for revenge" Biyu said. 

Then she turned around to face her computers. She typed some codes in all the keyboards and the live footage of some places opened. 

Liam's eyebrows furrowed and he leaned closer. It is only when he realized that those footage showed William and his family including some of others who are little suspicious in Linda's accident. 

He couldn't help but look at her with awe. "This is perfect, Biyu. Depending upon their reactions we can round off some close suspects and concentrate more on them" he grinned. 

"You and Jasper think alike in almost every way" 

"Of course, we do" Biyu grinned back as she winked at him. 

Meanwhile, Alex who just finished talking in her call looked at her boyfriend and best friend. 

She couldn't help but wonder why they are whispering and giggling like little kids who are done bullying someone. 

From the past one week, all four of her friends have been acting weird. Literally...totally weird. 

"I am gonna go now. It's time for press meet. I hope you will have a good time in chit chatting" Alex chuckled as she kissed Liam in his lips and pecked Biyu's cheek. 

After she went away, Biyu and Liam settled infront of the computers in the basement room. 

Ready to start the first step of their 'simple' revenge. 

But little they would have expected that this little revenge is much, much more bigger than they have anticipated. 

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