97 Press conference

"I can't wait for our new life to begin. Its going to be so excited with everything" Biyu clapped her 


But little she knew that this will also bring her danger….


A week passed by….

Jasper and Biyu moved into the same house and they have shifted to imperial residences. Now, their neighbors are none other than Liam, Alex who are living in the same house and Zhou Feng, Ye Mei at the other side. 

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As there will be only two houses for one road, Mingyu and Su couple are in the next road. 

As Ye Mei is out for the clients meeting in abroad, Biyu and Jasper haven't met her. 

Though Biyu had some second thoughts on this Ye girl being with her brother, she decided to give her a chance. After all, she should not judge a person just because of how her family is. 

On the other side, everyone are shocked by who Mingyu's boyfriend is. He is one of the prominent figure it politics who willingly stepped down. He again shocked everyone by entering the fashion and jewelry industry as a grate designer. 

Alex is as excited as never by seeing her idol. He is famously called as Stephen. 

Now, Biyu felt like her family is full and complete. 

Her brothers….Feng and Mingyu are there with her and they even got their partners. Her best friends Su Ming and Su Jun have also shifted back to this city. Liam and Alexandra are also here with her, supporting her in everything. 

And more prior to this, she is with the love of her life, Jasper. It is still like a dream to her and she often jolts up from her sleep with fear that this is just a dream. 

They didn't start sharing a room yet but they are exceptionally close compared to before. 

"Slept well?" Jasper asked as soon as he saw her coming downstairs, still in her Pikachu PJ's. He couldn't help but chuckle. 

It made him always remember his childhood when he use to love wearing Pikachu dresses. 

"Bot too bad nor too good" Biyu answered still yawning a little. 

She directly entered the kitchen and Jasper hugged her before placing a kiss on her forehead. 

"You would have slept little more you know" he gently stroked her hair. 

"I just want to send you personally to your work. I actually wanted to see your face as soon as I wake up" she answered cutely. 

It of course melted his heart and he couldn't help but kiss her lips. 

When he moved away, Biyu is still in daze. Since past week, they have kissed a lot yet it still makes her heart go crazy when his warm lips tangled with her cold lips. 

"Come, I have prepared your favorite breakfast" Jasper chuckled as he pinched her cheek to bring her back from her trance. 

They sat down beside as they served food to each other. It just felt like they are sweet husband and wife who are in head over heels in love with each other. 

"You have to meet Blake for your therapy remember. I made a appointment at afternoon after lunch. I will complete my meeting and pick you up as soon as possible" he told.  

As Blake is trustworthy and has very good idea about reincarnation and the problems related to it, they couldn't help but approach him. Now, he knows everything about Linda, Biyu….their reincarnation and everything else. 

Biyu smiled as she placed her hand on back of his hand. 

"Jas, you're will be busy. Day after tomorrow is the banquet and I know that there are many things you have to take care personally. So, don't rush things up and overexert yourself. I will go by myself or I will ask Alex to come with me. Don't worry honey" she smiled understandingly. 

Jasper's heart melted again into a puddle of butter. She is really very understanding and it made him very happy. 

He thanked god for the second chance and kissed the back of her hand. "I am worried. I have seen your previous therapy….I should be really painful right" he pursed his lips. 

Biyu laughed and pinched his cheek. "Aww… .so cute. Yeas, it will be painful but that pain is because of Linda's past. Not mine and to be frank my nightmares are because of her as well" she told the truth. 

Jasper's eyebrows scrunched. "You never said" 

"I didn't wanted you to worry. Let me attend all sessions…all right. Then we will get a perfect idea of what happened and what might happen." Biyu leaned into his embrace.  "I am strong, Jasper. So, I can go through all this …and, I will take Alex with me. As I have some designs to finish, I have to go back to ADORN. I will meet you at evening okay" she kissed his cheek. 

Jasper nodded his head and kissed her. "I believe you, love."

With the overflowing sweetness of their pure and understanding love, they completed their breakfast and it is time for Jasper to go to office. 

Abruptly he remembered something important and turned back at the woman who is lovingly looking at him. 

"I heard from Alex that she is holding a huge press meet today. She wanted to announce the three models who are selected for the winter magazine. I guess you are the main model" Jasper chuckled. 

Biyu giggled. "Hey!! This is supposed to be a secret." She smacked his arm playfully as he held her by his waist. 

"I know you too well Eve. So, I know how you will take the revenge too…" Jasper kissed her forehead and then pecked her lips. 

"I will not make a public appearance today but Alex is going to announce my comeback" Biyu chuckled as she kissed him back. 

"All the best love. I will always support you" Jasper kissed her before going 

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